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Jan 11, 2011
I have to say, when i started this anime I wasn't expecting too much. I've seen the old 90's American Cartoon and while horribly cheesey, it does live up to the comic book, even with his super powered mullet. Then there is the current horrible series airing on Nick now, Iron Man : Armored Adventures, which to say the least... stinks. Its full of huge plot holes, but hey its something for kids?

Ah, So to the Review...
I rather enjoyed it. For a reader of the Iron Man comics, its probably going to make you want to die a little, but its still enjoyable. I think read more
Jun 29, 2009
*Spoiler Alert*
To me... Brotherhood is a huge disappointment.
After seeing the original series and reading all the manga that has been released, I was looking forward to a series that was closer to the manga.
That's not what I got.
What I got was very pretty and very fast moving anime with no emotional or personal relationships between the characters, other then that of Ed and Al.
There are parts in original series where i admit i cried, hard.
Like the death of Hughes.
I was surprised when his death in this series, didn't bring up a tear and wasn't more then side note. And in this series other then read more