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May 29th, 2009
Like every wonderful adventure it has to start out with something that makes you go...
Is it bad that only horrible driving we've seen.. and not in Dallas mind you.. was 10 mins into our trip.. we hadn't even left LC!
I was driving on Lohman just leaving Walgreen's and this truck.. out of now where.. mind you when i had a green arrow turn.. plus in front of us.. from the wrong side of the road! And then cut across for lanes of traffic.. almost hit one of Prius cars.. (This little bugger)
and then just speed off...
Its just utter proof... some people should not drive!

Another story.. in El paso.. We got stuck behind some horrid driver on there cellphone..
It had you know.. one of those.. ' How's are driving blah blah' number..
Merry called it.. and told the person on the other line..
How much we really liked them drifting from lane to lane on thier cellphone..
They were very thankful.
It was awesome.

Other then that it was smooth sailing the 600 miles till we got to outside Ft. Worth. We just go a cheapy hotel to sleep in.. slept.. went to Akon.
I drove.. in Dallas traffic.. and didn't feel like i was gonna die!
Only time we got stopped, but traffic jams was getting into Downtown Dallas. Other then that we were good... Akon was fun.
Saw Mookie!
Got some awesome artwork.. and left cause we felt bad because 1) we were tired...
2) We weren't costume.. 3)we wanted to find the hotel.

Yes.. we got lost.. for 2 hours.. but we found the hotel.
Even got a upgrade!
We showed up 2 hours early.. and got upgraded because the manger kept telling them to get our room ready.. for 2 hours.. and it wasn't... so now i've got so much room.. i wish we had more people.. and someone to snuggle with...

We should be going off to Joe's Crab shack soon.. after a well deserved nap..
Man i need a back massage...

Pip and Merry

P.S. We'll load more pics later.

Winnebago Count From LC to Dallas-Ft Worth - 28
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