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Maison Ikkoku

Chobits is pretty much Maison Ikkoku but with robots, and instead of the ronin who just moved into an apartment falling in love with his manager, he falls in love with a persocom. Hideki Motosuwa is a very similar protagonist to Yusaku Godai, they both move into an apartment in the beginning of the series, and start studying to get into college. The protagonist falls in love with the sweet and pretty manager who is currently taking care of the apartment complex that her late husband owned, Kyoko Otonashi, or in Chobits, Chitose Hibiya. Other characters can be compared, as well. Kozue Nanao used to work with Yusaku, and has a crush on him, while Yumi Omura works with Hideki and is hinted to show romantic feelings at first. However, Hideki does show a bit of interest to Yumi, though not ending up with her, and in contrast, Yusaku has no interest in Kozue and does not view her as anything other than a friend, even seeing her as getting in the way.