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Apr 13, 2021
Gokushufudou (Anime) add
I'm gonna start this review off by stating that I'm rating this adaptation as what it's supposed to be: a motion comic. I understand that everyone's disappointed and even furious at the animation "being just a slideshow" or whatever, but that's 100% Netflix's fault (or at least Netflix outside of Japan) for advertising this as a fully animated adaptation instead of the motion comic that it is and that it was advertised as in Japanese. Motion comics are NOT fully animated. They are one-for-one panels of the original comic/manga with animated parts and sound/voice acting.

With that being said, here's my review.


I've ...
Mar 30, 2021
"Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!" definitely ended up being one of my favorite shows of this season (as it's been going so far). It's a silly show with short, fun episodes that are only about 11 minutes each. If you're already a huge fan of BSD, then this is definitely the show for you, but even if you aren't super into it, I think "Wan!" could be a good place to get more into the characters and their shenanigans.

Of course, it's important to note that "Wan!" has such a different tone from the original series. It has a few serious moments here and there, but ...
Jan 28, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Santa Company, at least this version, does a pretty mediocre job of telling a story with an environmental message for kids. I know there's another short film and a full-length movie from a few years ago, but as I haven't seen those, I'm just going to judge this on its own.

There are going to be slight spoilers from here on out, but since it's a 30-minute short film... I hope it's not too inconvenient.

Story - 4

Although this is a PG film, definitely meant for kids, I feel like the story was still really underdeveloped. Kids don't necessarily need super complex stories, especially if ...

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