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Jan 2, 2013
This manga was a huge surprise for me. after reading dozens of manga I was looking for something more mature in nature , a manga that doesn't cover the blood, and really show just how brutal a sword fight could actually is.

Shigurui put's on a time machine to were honor tradition is all that's matter, nothing is spared from the reader as the characters fight, laugh and f***.

it's not long and very addicting, please stay with it longer that the first 2 chapters, after that you would find yourself submerged deep in the plot.

Apr 30, 2012
it's my first review so I better make it count.
i will not sum the entire Fairy Tail series,like other reviews have .

No I havent read the manga (and after flipping a couple of pages decided it's a better to watch)

The best description of the show is like a swimming pool in your back yard.

at first it's nice and exciting , and although the water is sallow(plot) it's rather nice to just spend sometime in it when the weather is hot.

after awhile you get used to it (around ep 40), it's starting to get cold, so you cover it up and hope that maybe next read more