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Jun 19, 2015
This is the second season of Seitokai Yakuindomo which is just as good as the first. The series follows Takatoshi (the straight guy) through his second year of high school as the vise president of the student counsel and the relationships he has with the other members. This year his little sister started as a first year (just as perverted as the president and treasurer) and makes a new friend. The add of new characters was great and the story keeps with the first season. Both are still one of my favorite to watch from time to time.

The artwork is very well done not to ...
May 21, 2015
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
It starts out him saying he can't trust anyone to his G/F cause his family are the type of people that should be in jail. Luckily for not being real they aren't. The father finds out about his son's G/F and that she was a lone after she lost her parents not long ago. Forces her to move in then tricks her into having sex a lot with him. That's the whole story. 3/10

The art isn't bad really but the way the camera angle keeps moving back and forth makes me feel like I'm on a boat and thus makes me feel a little sick. ...
Mar 30, 2014
Devi Navi! (Manga) add
Devi Navi! is about an otaku named Masaki Tanabe who wants to take revenge on the president of his club by drawing a doujinshi with her in it. While looking for inspiration in the new comics he got at the last con he finds a weird book he doesn't remember buying. In it tells how to summon a demon but he dismissed it as non-since. Then an earthquake hits, a toy plain falls on his head stabbing him and some of the blood gets on the book which summons a demon Nevil. The demon gives him powers so he can take his revenge with what ...
Feb 23, 2014
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
Tokubetsu Jugyou 3 is about a teacher that is training high school girls as sex slaves. (yawn) It's been done so many times before but at least they had better art and a camera angle that didn't give me a headache.

The story like I've said is played out. He is given charge of the old school building till it's demolished so he start taking girls there to rape and train as sex slaves................ see boring me already.

The artist makes the girls faces look like chipmunks and when they give head their mouths looks like that octopus thing from pokemon. Then the camera keeps moving ...
Jan 30, 2014
Mesubuta Kuragari Nikukai is mostly about mentally unstable people kidnapping, drugging and raping people till they totally brake.

The stories are very twisted and full of people obsessed with someone but then rapes another out of spite or obsession.

The artwork wasn't really great and very gory.

The characters like i said are mentally off and are obsessed with someone (mostly it's older people obsessed with either high school or middle schoolers they didn't say but all look kind of young)

really didn't like reading this at all, but i did to see if it had a happy ending. It didn't.
Jan 25, 2014
This title is about a girl who marries an older man with a kid only three years younger than her. It starts out with her and her husband in the car in traffic. Then she gets with the son after he steals her panties.

No real story to be seen.

No character developments besides saying she married a man fifteen years older than her that has a kid three years younger than her.

The artwork was pretty bad. It only had maybe half-a-dozen frames per scene on repeat.

Sound was mostly her moaning like she hooked up jumper-cables to herself.

Tell you the truth didn't like anything about this ...
Jan 25, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Women's revenge reverse rape scenes. Was kind of hoping they would do more with this title but they didn't. It starts out with two women bar hopping when the owner of the last bar got into a fight with one of them. She ends up raping him in front of his GF as the other makes his GF and friend have sex in front of him.

Okay the story is about rape but it was a little funny and hwat to see the woman raping the guy.

The artwork was beautiful.

The characters were funny and quarky. The a-hole guy gets raped by two women.

I liked it and ...
Jan 25, 2014
Miru mo Muzan (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Miru mo Muzan is a horror/hentai so it's a little hard to get it up while reading. A few of the stories were about ghosts and the others were just about raping.

The stories were a little twisted for me but I will say for the ones not about cumdumpster/slavery the were original but I can't say i cared for them.

The artwork I would have to say was very good.......... gory but good.

The characters weren't totally dumb and got tricked or blackmailed into being a slave. The male characters were just a little to evil and everyone of them had a foot long and as ...
Dec 25, 2013
Hatsujou Onnanoko: Girls in Heat is a bunch of stories and lovers having sex mostly for the first time.

The stories are kind of clean no fetishes/rape/sex slaves so it's a good book for starters. All of them are about people that have loved each other for a while and start having sex.There's one about a girl that missed her chance with her childhood friend and started sleeping with two guys to forget about it but it's not forced.
The characters for the most part are rather young 12-19ish but they are all with people their own age and not some fat old pervert.
The art is pretty ...
Dec 23, 2013
Jichichi (Manga) add
The author of all these books pretty much made the same book over and over. No real story just 170-190 pages of rape. All the stories are about raping a women till the become sex starved slaves to the goblins that represent the men in the story. I say goblins because all the men are pretty much the same short old and fat but the hentai gods smile on them bestowing larger than life penises and the ability to trap and rape any woman into submission.

The story well I'm sorry to tell you really isn't one so like I said 170-190 pages of rape. Most ...

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