May 21, 2015
noth (All reviews)
It starts out him saying he can't trust anyone to his G/F cause his family are the type of people that should be in jail. Luckily for not being real they aren't. The father finds out about his son's G/F and that she was a lone after she lost her parents not long ago. Forces her to move in then tricks her into having sex a lot with him. That's the whole story. 3/10

The art isn't bad really but the way the camera angle keeps moving back and forth makes me feel like I'm on a boat and thus makes me feel a little sick. 6/10

Sound isn't bad either but then again we really don't watch them for the sound. 6/10

Characters are all over played out for this type. The B/F is always clueless/spineless. The bad guy is always sleazy rapist. Last but not least the victim not that bright, falls for her attacker or just the sex way to easy and always thinks I can't tell anyone. 2.5/10

Enjoyment 2/10
Overall 3/10

If you're into NTRs there's a lot better works out there.