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Mar 15, 2021
To be honest, i love this series, read it when i had nothing to do, and sometimes laugh, but to be honest, i expect more from the heroine that maybe do "kokuhaku" to the hero, but anyways, i thanks to nozomi uda to make this type of series, it's kinda unique u know, when a boy that really sluggish do a daily activities as student, surrounded with a great friend. the problem that hero make, the things that he make is hillarious, and always has a solution of that problem.
if there any ova or any anime series for this manga, i hope there will ...
Mar 15, 2021
Follow the series from the beginning and here we are, the fine, the latest, the end. all the workhard now we can see the end, we can see where the stories goes to. So many plot twist that even unseen in other series, i officialy say thanks to all the staff member for the hardwork that they make for this series.
3 main heroine, 3 perspective and combine into 1.
what is the perfect girl for otaku?, we still figure it out, but this anime explain it all, to be honest, they can make this even good, or maybe make the stories more romantic.
but thanks for the ...
Aug 3, 2020
Kakushigoto (Anime) add
everyone has their own secret, including me

To Be Honest, i'm not to expect anything about this anime,
flow like river, yea that's something that i can say, from the beginning of this anime, love the story about how father that love his daughter so much, and this make me realize that how big my parent love to me, little bit cry to watch this anime.
They mixed it with some comedy and slice of life to make sure this anime is enjoyable.
day by day, work hard for someone that important, someone that u love most, that's how the main character sacrifice.
In the end, this anime really touch ...
May 13, 2020
Preliminary (108/? chp)
Not a Spoiler, just Honest review

To be honest, this manga absolutely entertaining, the story, the character is easy to understand. when i read this for the first time, i thought this series is for girl cause the character is "IKEMEN"
But i keep read and read and read, the comedy on the series is good, when the real mangaka make a manga about daily life of mangaka and combine it with comedy, romance, and other.
Actually i can't believe that i can be too enthusias to read such a manga like this. ...
Apr 20, 2020
Disclaimer: this is not spoiler, this is something that out from my mind, and from my heart

for Overall, this anime is good

after i watch the series, i surprised that this anine in ONA type (An original net animation) and not a TV type, but i really enjoy this anime

and also, this anime help me on my essay, so many explanation about kind of a formula that used in thesis or essay. the anime explain each character background that make audience understand where the character traits come from

finnaly, the anime gonna bring u enjoyment in every scene, and the story is easy to understand.
Mar 12, 2020
first of all, for anyone who want to watch something, read the synopsis first, don't like me, i immidiately watch the movie without read the synopsis, but even im not read it, i enjoy the movie so much, Aimyon do a really good job on that soundtrack song.

Bring your emotion into the movie, and make you curious abut what happend next, that's what this movie are.
anyway, love is complicated, when you like someone,, but u realized that someone u like is liked by someone u love. It force u to choose right? this film has so many reference about your life
Aug 25, 2019
Tenki no Ko (Anime) add
overall, i really enjoy this movie, especially the art that makoto shinkai represent to us who watch it
not just an enjoyment that i get, but knowledge too, about weather, or about how a city can be there. makoto shinkai do a magic once again that make my eye not blink for 1 hour (i mean less blink)
even the hype is not like last series of shinkai movie, but i love this one. i think this movie recommend not only for kids, but to teenager or adult because shinkai gonna spoiled their eye to this movie.
1 think that i can to say is, LOVE ...
Jun 27, 2019
overall: 7.3 for this anime

Well to be honest im not to enjoy watch this anime, but man, the story is not to complicated, i love the character design, this anime actually little unique rather than another school and ecchi anime.
if they have a little bit longer episode maybe the story gonna be great, but in the end, i apreciate the staff and creator of this anime.
yea u can't expect much from anime that has romance, comedy, and school genre, they have same background, school, home, mall, beach
so just enjoy it.
and maybe u can learn that love is a thing that can change you from your ...
Feb 19, 2019
Yagate Kimi Ni Naru (Bloom Into You)

u know, i surprised when watch this anime, i really enjoy into it, i can feel the story inside me, the producer and the team has a very good job, so long i not feel so dramatic like this i hope they make another one like this or the sequel i think. This anime has their own universe to get joy, my heart want so badly write a long review but my brain confused how to describe it. Manage love, conquer heart, fight ur brain, and feel it when watch this anime.

Keep up the good work

Nov 10, 2017
some synopsis in Indonesia :
Musim semi. “Musim cinta” telah tiba dan sepertinya mencari pacar lebih sulit dari perkiraan Junichi. Untuk mematahkan status “sampah”, teman-teman Junichi memaksanya menembak Yame Yukana. tapi, semuanya tidak berjalan seperti yang dia harapkan. Serangkaian “pengalaman pertama” dimulai!

Story : 8
art : 7
sound : 8
enjoyment : 7
overall : 7.5

okay,first of al,i thought this anime is a anime with ecchi genre,it is,but just the character that show a ecchi thing,but in storyline even there are no ecchi act, it make me a little bit confused,but the overal is good. but this anime is not boring at all,even i hope there are a pervert scene ...