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Mar 27, 2020
The base concept of the story was very interesting, after reading it doesn’t make any sense why author went with all the trouble for making into a harem manga it just makes no sense.

The story was straightforward focused on those “strangers” with powers and the harem and romance were just like a seasoning on top just keep the readers looped in, when I realised that it was heart-breaking 😞 moment.

I must agree to that from the start to finish the male protagonist of the story was the most funniest not to mention the powers he hones (I must say, you got to see that part read more
Mar 24, 2020
Orange (Manga) add (All reviews)
The overall story concept is really heart-touching and warming it was more of a emotion love related story then an general rom-com story you find.

While reading the summary of the manga you can get the idea was the story could be and it’s really worth reading.

There are two thing which I specifically don’t like (might contain slight spoilers)

Even though there is a tag of science fiction but still the concept used in this manga to send laters to the past selves is concept not related to the story, it doesn’t feel like it somehow.

I know there is no other way to send the letter in read more
Mar 21, 2020
It was fun reading the slice of life for two one-sided love birds and to be truthful speaking it was really bit awkward I mean most of the chapters really looked like filters and the story was not much progressing any further.

The heroine is really really dam cute but some where I feel bad for her because of unrequited love from here lover.

Maybe it was the part of the story, I don’t know but their love story was kind of proceeding at an uneven rate.



Is there really an second part to it “ Senpai, Sore Hitokuchi Kudasai! 2”, I am not really sure, just found read more
Mar 20, 2020
After introducing first two heroine after that it seems author might have been but off-trick on introduction of other heroines.

There is a plot related to school council president and author try to pick it up twice but it was dead end and so it seems the story is totally focused on our main character and not to includes on side character relationships.

This story is you can say classmates of our main characters didn’t put much impact on the story except few people like giving an inspirational to main character for boosting the spirit or such (I hope you got what I am trying to say).

There read more
Mar 19, 2020
The story was really good and I would give full 10 score for that but at some points it kind of feels like the author was rushing the story a bit.

Sure there was few filler chapters and unlike other rom-com manga there was no side stories for characters and considering this does state that the author tried to kept the story focus to the main couple and the secret they share.

I enjoyed each and every chapter...

In addition to that there’re one major disappointment, like how fast the author ended the story in end.

There could have been a lot of stuff added about reviling the secret read more
Mar 19, 2020
Hmm... the story was quite interesting, it has very few chapters it’s bit hard to share the reviews, but...

—- Summary and bit of spoilers —-

In short, it’s a rom-com story a girl name Mizuki-san try to steal away the boy (Kyousuke-san) for her own benefit by plotting different ways to woo him, as far the destiny says there’s another girl name Maria-san with psychic powers of invisible who has a huge crush on the boy.

Story depicts how she try to save the boy from Mizuki-san and if possible maybe somehow she can get some courage to confess her love to Kyousuke-san.
Mar 18, 2020
I thought it would be just like any other romance-comedy manga with a single couple as lead and surrounding by side-characters, but...

The base concept because of which each love story progress due to the coupling program was the most interesting one.

Upon understand the concept I thought there cannot much to the story once they are married or have a child; as I read through the story it was complete out of the charts, the concept of adding different rom-com stories into a single manga was a nice idea.

Anyway, I still love this and would to read more stories.


Assuming it each volume contain single story with read more
Mar 16, 2020
The concept of the story may seems simple like any other rom-com and the way story progress with each chapter as their relationship changes, it’s really intriguing.

Every characters in the story had an really interesting traits, the story of each character with their romantic-comedy story and along the way how they develop emotions for other was very funny and cheerful.

There might be certain change of behaviour in Kuzumi in later chapter so brace yourself because the story ,GitHub get more intense, funny, comedy and romantic.

But in the end they didn’t provide much background detail for our protagonist (Kuzumi-Kun).

I really want another sequel of this manga read more
Mar 10, 2020
In the starting when I read few chapters I though that the story would probably be set within school boundaries and it can be bit hard to extend the story out of school boundaries when it’s all about a girl who loves to sleep a lot.

But it didn’t just stop there, it was all about the passion for sleeping in cozy environment no matter the place and the new tricks used in the school to sleep.

Seems like author did spent some quality time research about it (nothing seriously, just being funny).

The best part of about this I like the most is character development it’s really read more
Mar 10, 2020
It was great experience reading it was very obvious as I was reading the story that what kind of ending it will have but overall I am really satisfied the story ended.

I don't if it's safe to say but if you're someone who is interested in harem (a lot of girl making a move on the protagonist) category you might find a bit a stuff like that.

I was hoping the story could continue after the love confession and how they live their school life together. IDK, maybe that thing might be just of the scope of the story, but still it would been fun to read more