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Jun 21, 2022
Tomodachi Game feels like the ‘chocolate money’ of the anime medium. The problem with chocolate money is that it’s not real money and the chocolate is mediocre at best. If you’re really craving chocolate it’ll probably satisfy your urge, but it’s unlikely to make a notable impression. Tomodachi Game is reminiscent of that lackluster feeling. If you’re in the mood for an anime with a high-stakes game at its core then it’ll probably do, but you’re most likely going to forget the majority of its plot within a week of finishing it. Then we arrive at the ‘fake money’ aspect of the show, which in ...
Mar 27, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Sasaki to Miyano feels dragged out, like a class on a Friday afternoon that never seems to end. The first few episodes draw you in as an archetypal BL story would, with a protagonist and love interest clearly established in the opening scene. The anime doesn’t stray too far from this, which isn’t an issue in and of itself; however, due to how stagnant the story remains throughout the show’s 12-episode run, it feels like the storytelling lacks development. In typical BL fashion, plot points that could easily be resolved through open communication prevail for multiple episodes. While this is understandable to a certain extent, ...
Sep 3, 2021
It’s said that the Cognitive Revolution occurred between 70,000 to 30,000 years ago, allowing Homo Sapiens to communicate in unprecedented ways. As far as we know, we are the only species that can talk about things we have never seen, touched, or smelled. Abstract concepts like ‘gods’ and ‘nations’ are born from the ability to think and theorize beyond the material world. Incidentally, many scholars argue that this is what separates us from other species, it’s what makes human beings ‘human’. To Your Eternity takes another approach at answering some of these questions about the nature of humanity, attempting to uncover the unifying experiences that ...
May 21, 2021
“Looking for a note taker”

Words as simple as these can easily impact someone's life. "I Hear the Sunspot" tells the story of two college students who meet by chance yet end up closely intertwined in each other’s lives. While doing so, the story explores themes of isolation, self-regard, happiness, and social anxiety.

The dynamic between the reserved, hard-of-hearing Kouhei and the lively and vibrant Taichi is endearing. Kouhei is easily misunderstood by most people so he finds comfort in Taichi, who is fond of Kouhei’s good-natured personality. While the presentation of many themes is subtle, the manga is realistic and easy to follow. The characters ...
Mar 30, 2021
Black Clover (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
The trickling sound of raindrops echoes throughout your room as you stretch your legs under the covers. Looking through the glass panes on your window, you unfurl the overcast sky with your eyes. A sense of sloth weeps over your body while you sift through the potential ways you can entertain yourself on such a gloomy day. You weigh your options and eventually stumble on some reality show from the mid 2000s. As you begin to watch you realize that there’s something almost reminiscent about it. It’s like you’ve seen this scripted story play out before. You let yourself be guided by the charm of ...
Dec 19, 2020
Picture your dream job. If you’re a smart ass like me you might say that you don’t dream of labor to begin with. That's not a bad response, unfortunately most of us will have to work at some point in our lives regardless of what our feelings towards labor are. So I’ll ask again, try to set aside your smart assery and picture your dream job (or the one you dislike the least if that’s easier). Got it? Alright well I’m going to assume that ‘con artist’ isn’t on your mind right now (if it is then I guess this anime will be right up ...
Aug 20, 2020
Mononoke (Anime) add
Anime is not usually regarded as a sophisticated medium by mainstream standards, sometimes it’s not viewed as an artistic medium at all; however, Mononoke shatters those expectations. I’ve never seen an anime that completely uses itself as an art form more than Mononoke. The entire show maintains a refined sense of creativity with its eclectic visuals and sounds. Despite its unique approach to story-telling, Mononoke remains quite true to its genre as a horror/mystery anime. The show consists of 5 disconnected arcs which revolve around mysteries relating to malevolent spirits called "mononoke”. The only recurring character is the main character: Kusuriuri, a medicine seller who ...
Jul 23, 2020
"You all know the truth. We're all going to die, and we'll die cold and lonely, not knowing anything!" - Angelica

Gunslinger Girl is an underrated gem. It definitely has some rough edges here and there, but overall the anime is quite layered and well-executed. If you're looking for a simple action plot with fight scenes to entertain you I would look elsewhere. This is because Gunslinger Girl shines where most other action shows don't. This anime takes a psychological approach to an otherwise simple action plot. If you give yourself time to understand the characters, and the ways in which the anime chooses to flesh ...
Jul 20, 2020
Next A-Class (Anime) add
Well... if the story would've had a little bit more direction Mercedes could've made Next A-Class look less like a capitalist marketing scheme.

Overall, I thought that Next A-Class had good animation and decent sound combined with a promising set up. Having the entire short take place during a high-speed car chase was fun and it had potential to present a cool yet interesting story. I wasn't expecting a transcendent message or anything, but even with 6 minutes there could've been some kind of takeaway... instead Mercedes just shows us a futuristic car that doesn't even exist (at least not with those specs). It was clear ...
Jul 14, 2020
Garden of Words is an endearing and seemingly ordinary (but touching) story that's packaged beautifully.

This film has a lot of potential that it almost fully lives up to. The beautiful animation and the sound create an incredibly palpable atmosphere. Unfortunately, the film suffers from pacing issues which (coupled with its length) hold the story back from being fleshed out fully.

While the story itself may seem ordinary on the surface, it had various underlying themes relating to: love, adulthood, money, and mental health to name a few. The way the story sets up the initial interactions between Yukino and Takao is quite idyllic. Other than ...

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