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Jun 20, 2011
It was okay.
Just okay.

- Story -

Girl getting engaged to some guy, someone comes to protect her, realizes that she actually loves him and that he actually loved her from like 10 years ago, yeayea. We heard it all. In my opinion I think the story didn't have much ring to it; pretty cliche. You could probably predict the whole story without even reading it, actually..

- Art -

The art was probably the most strongest part of this manga. I thought the leading girl, Aria, was pretty cute and well drawn. It was neat.

- Character -

OVERUSED. Both the main characters. Useless girl that can't protect herself and read more
Aug 17, 2008
Beauty Pop -

A Manga full of laughs, seriousness, and slight hints of romance. Its a wonderful and enjoyable manga and I'm surprised barely anyone reviewed on it. The Story mainly focuses on Kiri Koshiba; girl gifted with the talent of hairstyling and is the daughter of the famous hairstylist Seiji Koshiba. Her life has changed ever since she encounters the S,P (Scissors Project); three popular guys at Ryokufuu High School that gives the selected girls a beauty touch. I really liked this manga because of its style and the funniness.

Art -

I liked the Art, it was very neatly drawn and also funny. Their looks read more
May 18, 2008
The Prince of Tennis. I'd have to say this is one of my most favorite anime yet, So I do strongly recommend it if you haven't seen it. It really gave me that sad, but happy and satisfied feeling after I finished the series. It includes comedy and sports, but yet humorous at the same time. The Prince of Tennis mainly focuses on Seishun Gakuen's Tennis team (Seigaku) trying to reach for the nationals and become pros one day, while Ryoma Echizen, the protagonist, has his own dream of winning against his father, the former pro in the tennis world. read more
May 18, 2008
An absolutely wonderful and romantic anime, yet funny and intense at the same time. You really can't miss It. The story captures your attention and draws you in from the first episode to the very last. To be honest, the story is very serious at some points, but that is one of the reasons why its so outstanding.

I'd say the most interesting thing about Kamichama Karin is the confusion and the things that make you wonder, "Whats happening right now? I don't get it at all" It leaves you dumbstruck for some parts, but the math behind it is simply amazing. This anime also includes read more