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Dec 26, 2014
I’ll start off this review by making it clear that I haven’t read the manga and knew nothing about this story when I decided to start watching the anime, therefore my opinion is purely based on the latter.

This being said, I was less than impressed with it, in fact I’m surprised that the vast majority of the reviews are positive and praise this enough to rate it with a 10… but anyway, everyone’s entitled to their opinion and here’s mine: Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii was mediocre at best. Let me break down the reasons:

Story 4/10

Knowing nothing about this anime or its characters, I must say read more
Dec 17, 2014
You have seen 55 episodes of Akatsuki no Yona
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Akatsuki no Yona is one of my all time favorite mangas so far even though when I first picked it up my immediate thought was “this is sooo shoujo.” At first sight it basically looks like the typical manga full of lovey dovey scenes, bishounens and pretty and spoiled princesses who need constant protection from the bad guys, but I am SO pleased I was wrong.

Story 9/10

The idea is not that new to be honest, when I picked this up I had already read similar stories from Watase Yuu- sensei (Fuushigi Yuugi and Fuushigi Yuugi: Genbu read more
Dec 16, 2014
I came across this manga while looking for mangas with ninjas involved and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous art even if the story wasn't all that new.

Story 5/10

As I said, time slips are nothing new however this story had a lot of potential but all the way through it I felt it was rushed, allowing little action, the scenes were two pages long at the most, and sadly it allowed very little (if any) character development. All this meant that there were plot holes so big, you could drive a truck through them. It should have been at least twice its length read more