Dec 17, 2014
maegan_kk (All reviews)
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Akatsuki no Yona is one of my all time favorite mangas so far even though when I first picked it up my immediate thought was “this is sooo shoujo.” At first sight it basically looks like the typical manga full of lovey dovey scenes, bishounens and pretty and spoiled princesses who need constant protection from the bad guys, but I am SO pleased I was wrong.

Story 9/10

The idea is not that new to be honest, when I picked this up I had already read similar stories from Watase Yuu- sensei (Fuushigi Yuugi and Fuushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden) where there was the same atmosphere feel: political intrigues involving royalty, the heroines must travel around the country looking for her destined warriors.. but I never get bored of these kind of stories because there’s so much going on: politics, war, friendship, love, loyalty, drama, adventure.. This story has all my favorite ingredients and is very well told so far, with a good pace that allows proper character development and interesting subplots. It has also very funny moments, so it’s all good.

Art 10/10

It’s brilliant, clean, and the mangaka seems to be able to draw just about anything and I’m really really picky when it comes to art.

Characters 10/10

As I said at the start of this review, when I first picked Akatsuki no Yona I thought it was crawling with clichéd characters which I would end up getting fed up with, but it was a delightful surprise to find out that every single main character is consistenly growing and changing as the events of the story develop (and I must say I love the direction they’re taking.)

It’s not your usual heroine or your usual love triangle and that’s a breath of fresh air and it effectively grabs your attention.

Enjoyment 10/10

I’ve been following this manga for about 2 years now and I must say that it’s been one of the most enjoyable mangas for me to read. When I started to read it I simply couldn’t put it down until I read every single published page and I’m really glad that the anime is just as fun.

Overall 10/10

I highly recommend it! You can be shoujo fan or not, in which ever case I think you’ll enjoy it (especially after chapter 2 haha)

Thanks for reading my review and I hope you enjoy this manga as much as I do!