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Mar 10, 2015
A pretty typical slice of life, romance manga.

Its rather lighthearted and refreshing to read. With many moments where you will just go "Awwww" at the romantic interactions the main character and the main heroine engage in. The manga is so sweet it could give you diabetes.

The only downside to the manga is that there isn't a whole lot of story to it, it feels more like a sort of life story. Also the main heroine is a huge tsundere, depending on your taste, it could be good or bad.

to conclude, I think its a nice manga to read and to relax with.
Jan 28, 2015
A manga about chess is something that you don't see every day and this manga handles it decently.

The story begins quite oddly, but the manga picks up significantly after the first chapter. The story is quite interesting however the only problem with that is that even though its a chess manga, the part with the 'chess' isn't very interesting. Meaning that the chess seemed like more of a backdrop to the actual story.

However, the story is engaging as the main protagonist continues to grow and face his fears. A well crafted story, my only complaint about this manga is the fact that the exaggerate read more
Jan 28, 2015
Everything you thought about the harem genre to be destroyed in one manga.

This manga has an exceptionally dark story line that has a mix of mystery together with the story. I would describe this manga as something really 'messed up'.

People breaking down and losing control of their logical thinking and going to extremes to survive. In other words, the story is much like a 'death game' story where everyone will stake everything to survive.

Character developments are well done. The characters change and adapt through the course of the story and have interesting backgrounds. Its a story that keeps you engaged and wanting to know what read more