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Sep 28, 2020

When you thought that your favourite anime had come to your top to stay for a long time, when you conceived that your life would not be enlightened again by an artwork of such caliber, God of Highschool soon came knocking on everyone’s door, what am I saying knocking!, breaking down the door and establishing themselves as the best anime ever.

Where should I start? Its pacing and story-telling? Marvelous. Who else doesn’t love when things are so rushed that after 13 episodes you don’t have any idea of what is the main goal of the series...or even the main goal ...
Sep 25, 2020
Have you ever seen yourself in a scenario where you take the likings of the sidekick instead of the main character? Where you’re more hooked into the story and whereabouts of a secondary figure in the show instead of whoever plays the lead?
Certainly, it has happened to all of us at least once in our lifetime and, if you are this deep into this series, it’s obvious that it’s not your first time experiencing this, as we all know what has to be known: Misaka Mikoto is the real deal.

After 7 years of drought, the third installment of the series premiered in January and neither ...
Apr 3, 2020
Welcome to a new chapter of “I could never have imagined a volleyball anime could be this good”

“Haikyuu!!: To the Top” picks up more or less at the spot where we were left when S3 ended, meaning that Karasuno has just defeated Shiratorizawa to qualify for nationals. Even if it was an unavoidable event for the story to keep progressing, that along with other circumstances such as the sidelining of Hinata for much part of the Shiratorizawa match might have made the third season the weakest -though it was kind of useful to demonstrate that Karasuno wasn’t a 2-man army-. Still, it set the stage ...
Sep 28, 2019
Once upon a time, the anime industry came up with the perfect formula to create highly acclaimed shounen one after the other; however, as time passed, this pattern became repetitive and, while a few next-gen shounen have been able to achieve their objective following this predetermined path, most of them have faltered along the way.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is not your typical shonen anime but at the same time it is. It does not have your archetypical main character that accomplishes all his goals through the power of friendship and/or by activating his hidden power -which is never revealed until the plot armour established is not ...
Sep 18, 2019
Arguably one of the best Chinese studios out there, G.CMay Animation, decided to develop a season 2 for Mo Dao Zu shi -also known as Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation-. What they’ve managed to create is an emotional and stunning piece of animation, along the lines set out on the first season.
However, instead of taking the time to unfold the extensive backstory of the characters as they did in the onset of season 1, this time they took the plunge to the action-packed wonderful pace of the end of the 1st season from the very start, making it really enjoyable.

Without changing too much the recipe ...
Jun 30, 2019
The unknown is always too easy labelled as a threat, and it is easy to join that particular chorus who claim it, mainly due to fear, fear of failure and concern of personal cost.
On the basis of that postulate, the journey resumes for our SnK characters, as they prepare to undertake a fierce battle against those who want to annihilate humanity...however, is that these guys objective?

It is well known the one-of a kind storytelling attributes this adaptation has: the understated foreshadowing –great for those who like to re-watch shows-, the captivating epicity, the more than famous plot twists; nevertheless, it never stops to amaze ...
Apr 1, 2019
Mixed Feelings
“I will score a goal but first let me remember my entire life”
-Tsubasa Ozora

Some of the criticism I’ve seen up to now about Captain Tsubasa is how unrealistic it is. As a person who has grown up watching and playing football, it’s obvious I’ve never seen –and will never see- some of the skills certain characters display on the show. Still, it is because of these that the show is exciting.

Based on the manga by Takahashi Yoichi, Captain Tsubasa displays the addictive story of Tsubasa’s football career while in elementary and middle school, first stone in he’s odyssey pursuing the dream of ...
Mar 12, 2019
Welcome to the first part of Kagerou Project, the first stone of the vast meta-universe Jin –also known as Shizen no Teki-P- created alongside Shidu and Wannyanpu.

This album tries to straddle the fields of storytelling and music and weaves a suitable start for the adventure of the members of this tale; and it achieves its goal: It shows us the loose ends of a story that has something to do with a bunch of youngsters, although avoiding to reveal any extra info, as the lyrics are wisely composed with a meaning behind them, revealing some aspects either from the characters or the situations they ...

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