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Apr 25, 2019
Remember Goblin Slayer backlash? Yap, its the same issue, and was it bad? Exactly, it wasn't! Hence why this poor reception by the media.

- The anime starts off in an aggressive tone, as expected of a Seinen(grown up's anime gender) if you are a sensitiv person or plan to watch this with someone else, you better consider it. Due the nature of the plot it self, "Masters and Slaves", those roles are assigned, immediately after you get someone to play a random-game and have the "Win or Lose" roles assigned. The winner gets supremacy over the loser. There are some small rules in place etc read more
May 24, 2018
Yo, just to make sure everyone's on the same page, there is a "spiritual sequel" to this manga called " Re-Birth 2 The Life Taker ". But follow the official sequel for the time being "Sai:Taker"-

[STORY]9: I would actually give it a 10 at the very least, but I wanna keep this review faithfull and not biased. (Spoiler free and direct information)
-Good Points? This is a manha, and as you have guessed, yes the story does not follow standard patters like the typical japanese Mangas do. So you will have a fresh story to enjoy. It might look ur typical shounen but show goes quite read more
May 6, 2014
In this "Episode" you will be watching a small portion of the schools training, (mainly focused on Sohoku) a little while before Inter High at Hakone occur. Should you waste time to watch this? Well why not, you get to know a bit more about Onoda's anime merchandise and relationship with his "Climber Senpai"!
Also if you still did not watch the anime, this episode might be a bit spoiler so check the first 20 episodes, before you come watch this!

Good points of this special episode is that you get to see a little morel development between a Senpai and Kohai's Friendship, I'm referring to Makishima read more
Oct 5, 2013
Mod Note: This review was initially posted for the animation short, Drifters, and was subsequently merged into Hellsing: The Dawn.

First Impression: For those who are fan animes like Fate-Stay Night, Shingeki no Kyouji or of the so called Hellsing, here is a very good series presented you by Hirano Kouta, that it will stun your senses. Be warned that blood, gore and symbolism are well present in this series.

Overall: The story is quite bad at start, but once you get in to it things change drastically. For those who where fans of great animes and stories that involved a World War Clash of read more
May 3, 2013
Sorry for my english, first of all.
Summe up:
The story was Initial called Ragnarok, but suffer an alteration to "Sword of the Dark Ones". If you are looking for a nice battle manga with a very decent and short background story, and some body exposure, blood, love , revange, hate, you will have it.

Story: 8
Leroy is the main character, this world takes place in a world dominated by "Dark Ones". These monsters devour anything within their pass, and are incredibly strong. Leroy's exemplar type of mercenary, that catch's attention of some sort of underworld guild and plus, a strange girl called Lena shows up offering him read more