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Dec 20, 2010
Beck (Anime) add (All reviews)
Finally I've decided to watch Beck, a very rare and precious gem in the industry. Yes, I knew it was the bomb even before I watched it. It just screamed potential and everything about it looked cool. And it is. Unfortunately, this anime only managed to be a gem, not a diamond. There was just something left out, something which could have made it shine even brighter. Yea it lacked the 'chemistry'.

Story : 9
Music is a very rare theme in anime, and it's even rarer for an anime to be able to depict the true essence of music and rock. Rock music in its purest read more
Nov 10, 2010
The best thing about watching anime, or appreciating any form of art or entertainment is the possibility of finding a diamond among all the sand, and i have to say without a doubt that Noein is one of those gems which are becoming so rare in a world overflowing with information.

If you thought Evangelion or Tsubasa Chronicles was IT, then Noein is ALL of IT.

Story: 10
It is very rare for fiction to be so extensively researched, but it is a one in a million chance for fiction to be able to apply known scientific theories so perfectly and even use those theories to read more
Jul 19, 2010
To be honest, it's really surprising to see so many reviews giving Vampire Bund such a low score. For me, it was absolutely the best vampire anime I've ever seen. I can't really say that I'm obsessed with vampires, but it's certainly an interesting genre. Unfortunately there isn't really a lot of animes which use this theme to its fullest. In that sense, Vampire Bund has managed to utilize all the glory of the vampire legend and myth.

Story: 10
As it goes with most vampire stories, Vampire Bund's plot revolves around the vampire princess, or vampire queen. However, it's really the subtle things that impresses me read more
Jun 14, 2010
Does a story really need a main character? Is a specific beginning or a specific ending necessary? If your answer is no, you'll love this anime, a diamond along with Baccano, which brings forward one of the most revolutionary story-telling philosophy I've seen. If your answer is yes, then you might be better off watching bleach, naruto or one piece. But if you're interested, keep reading.

Story: 9
One of the best things about Narita's (author of Baccano and Durarara) work is his unique way of storytelling. As portrayed in Baccano, Durarara has no particular main character, and spans generations of myths and legends. The story talks read more
May 17, 2010
So let's get this straight. As a guy, the main character Misaki is cute as hell. Especially when she blushes, and is wearing a maid-fuku! As far as it goes for moe-characters, she is a 24 carat diamond. However, i must admit that it's not competitive enough to break out of the shoujo fanbase.

Story: 7
It's innovative enough, but not exactly anything new. The story is also full of loopholes probably designed to appeal to female fans. It is also very shallow and focuses on nothing but gags and blushes. It never gives you room to seriously think about the main character's problems and about relationships, read more
May 17, 2010
This spring's animes really gives a lot to think about.. I wonder if the parade of gags, parody and eros are medicine for those starting a new life, or just a sign that the industry is falling into an endless limbo.

Story: 6
Like many of the animes this season, the synopsis is catchy enough to attract many fans. It's hard to resist the temptation of an anti-hero who is labeled a demon king from the very start. Compared to the other animes this season, it isn't too bad either. The story is, although very questionable at times, very fast-paced and keeps your eyes on read more
May 8, 2010
First of all before you decide to watch this anime, DON'T expect anything great from this anime. Before i started watching i thought it was about music because of the title.. but the synopsis suggested something different.. however after i watched episode 1, even the synopsis doesn't fit into the picture. This is nothing like your regular anime. you can say it's a bit like haruhi, but a lot more weirder. That is, if you actually expect something from it. If you want to watch this, i recommend that you watch it with a very very light heart. if you cant do that, don't waste read more
Mar 8, 2010
Okay, so it's one of the most popular harem titles in japan, probably only second to KEY's big hits. It's even tiring to try to track the amount of side stories and sequels and doujin productions for this huge title.
But surprisingly despite all the hype this series gains, it totally killed all my expectations.

Okay honestly it started pretty nice.. with all the moe charm points you would find in any harem title. But it isnt really cool when the introduction episodes are cut to half time and u're forced to watch gravure videos of some of the seiyuus. they could have put more read more
Jul 19, 2009
okay i finished H&C2, half-forced by my friend who says it's incredible.. honestly, i had been holding it off for a while coz i kinda knew it would disappoint me coz the genre seemed so inclined towards romance(not my pref)

the art design just doesn't appeal to me. my friend says it's the most unique art design and stuff, but it looks hideous, especially when their eyes go O.O the character design isn't too bad in a way.. lots of diversity, but i honestly thought Hagu chan was the prof's daughter in the beginning.. lol.. in fact i thought so until the love square actually developed.. read more
Feb 21, 2009
If you're seriously thinking of watching this, I would advice you to think twice.
The first thing you have to put in mind when watching this series is that the setting is 1986, when handphones were still not that common, and national idols still existed.

Story (5/10)
The story starts out very nicely, with very well-done introductions of the characters. We have the main guy who is dating the supposedly main girl, who is doing her best to be an artist. That's where everything goes down in an avalanche. It's a very plain romance drama with very little comedy and it drags along like a log. read more