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Oct 23, 2019
If you enjoy Romance anime, then I highly recommend this one to you. Over the past few seasons, I felt as though the Romance genre has been pretty stale, but this one has got me excited for every new episode. I have only seen the first 4 episodes so far, but if you are checking in on this new series, this review is for you.

Story: The story is pretty simple. Two cute girls go up to the MC and start doing a confession, MC gets nervous, but BAM, they both confess that they are in love in MC's best friend. Then enter a 3rd girl, read more
Aug 30, 2019
I usually only write reviews for the less popular anime, but seeing some of the low score reviews on this anime inspired me to write my own review. I honestly do not understand how objectively one could give this anime a low score. This show can stand toe-to-toe with Dr. Stone for anime of the season.

Story: The story is definitely a breath a fresh air with all the isekai and typical shounen anime being pumped out every season. MC lost his family at a young age due to a fire, everyone treats him like a demon (similar to Naruto in the original Naruto anime), and read more
Apr 25, 2019
A pleasant surprise and this title may change how most anime fans feel about CG anime. CG has always looked extremely corny in these seasonal anime titles (only a few very high budget anime-esque films have broken this trend). My first thought when seeing this title was that it was going to be another terrible CG anime. I was wrong!

As for the overall story of this anime, I thought it was very well done and kept me guessing. From determining who the actual enemy is to how certain characters feel about different things. This story definitely kept me watching one episode to the next to read more
Nov 4, 2018
SSSS Gridman is an interesting anime to review because it is really two different animes in one. One is good, one is... meh.

The first part of SSSS. Gridman is the typical mystery, romance, and slice of life. I find this to be great. The main character has amnesia and is a little goofy at first, but he will grow on you pretty quickly as a decent MC. His best friend is a typical best friend in these types of shows, forgettable, but at least he is not annoying.

The strength of this show is the female cast, particularly the main female girl, Rikka (the love read more
Jun 20, 2018
This show is one of those anime you just want to watch when you sit down and relax. It is not a show that will be on your favorites list by any means, but it does its job I guess.

Story: Nerding guy starts dating the most beautiful girl in the school and is constantly doubting himself

Art and Sound: I thought the art was alright, nothing special in the backgrounds, but the character designs were nice. I really liked the voice actors, especially for the main female character, just something about her voice made me smile. Best friend's voice sucked though.

Character: I will say that I read more
Mar 4, 2018
This anime is pretty good, but it is not for everyone. In the simplest way possible, it could be described as Death Note with more supernatural elements to it. Sure, Death Note had Shinigami's and a special book, but outside of that, it had a realistic setting. B is about a "righteous murderer" that has supernatural abilities. The police are trying to catch the person to bring them to justice while a criminal organization full of people with similar supernatural gifts are trying to capture the person for their own purposes.

Story: Similar to Death Note, it purposely leaves you confused for a bit until the read more
Jul 20, 2017
I went in to this anime with high hopes and I came out satisfied. I will admit that I thought I would have trouble getting into a romance anime that was set in a middle school setting, but I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was done very well

Story: The story is very touching and ends on a very well written and well acted finale. This is the type of anime that will stick with you for awhile. "It will hit you right in the feels." (No, that is not a quote from this anime)

Art: I will be honest, it took me a little bit read more
Jan 11, 2015
Well, I never thought I would have mixed emotions on a review. As you can see, I like this manga, but the problem is that I did not realize it was a one-shot. As a one-shot, each section will be pretty quick.

Story: I thought the story was great and this is probably the biggest reason why I have mixed emotions. There is plenty of potential for this story to be expanded upon and I was kind of hoping for it to be continued in some way.

Art: Very nice and clean, the characters looked great. Not really any complaints.

Characters: There is only two characters and both read more