Jan 11, 2015
light333 (All reviews)
Well, I never thought I would have mixed emotions on a review. As you can see, I like this manga, but the problem is that I did not realize it was a one-shot. As a one-shot, each section will be pretty quick.

Story: I thought the story was great and this is probably the biggest reason why I have mixed emotions. There is plenty of potential for this story to be expanded upon and I was kind of hoping for it to be continued in some way.

Art: Very nice and clean, the characters looked great. Not really any complaints.

Characters: There is only two characters and both are decent, but it is hard to expand on characters in a one-shot manga. I do believe these characters had plenty of potential if the series was expanded.

Enjoyment: I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was over before I knew it.

Overall: It is great for what it is, a one-shot. It ends making you want more of the story and characters.