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Jun 28, 2016
"I become stronger just by having you next to me -- I believe that even now" - Kido Tatsuhiko

Iv'e never in my life witnessed a manga that has captivated me, astounded me, and brought me to my knees just as Nozoki Ana did chapter by chapter. Manga such as this is the soul reason of why I even have the patience to write a review. This manga is special is so many ways that this review can't even do it justice, let alone explain how much this manga changed the foundation of why I read manga and watch anime altogether.

I hope this review brings read more
Aug 26, 2015
"We finally became friends. I've said everything I wanted to say. Now we know everything about each other. Though, from the moment we become friends, we'll never speak to each other again" - Touma Kazusa

I was quite skeptical going into this show because of the fact that music anime is not my strong suit as well as the fact that the first season of this show left a sour taste in my mouth. Despite the first season lacking key elements that made it a grind for me to watch this does not hinder the fact that White Album 2 was quite enjoyable even more read more
Jul 6, 2015
"What the hell is with everyone telling me to change? I don't want other people telling me who I am" - Hachiman Hikigaya

A sequel to any anime always presents a challenge to both the creators and viewers of the show simply because the creators have to produce something better then what it started with in order to satisfy the majority of people that wished for that second season and the viewers have to decide whether or not the sequel lives up to the expectations that they wished for (In this case 2 years ago).

Let me start by saying this... Yahari Ore no Seishun read more