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Mar 4, 2013
Nichijou (Anime) add
How does one describe ordinary. Any dictionary will probably describe ordinary as "Something that is commonly encountered, usual" or something to that effect. So how does a show like Nichijou (which roughly translates to Regular Life) get a title like... well Nichijou. A show with robots, wigs, deer, and all manner of unusal things is anything but... ordinary right? Perhaps they titled it like this as a bit of a joke, to bounce off all the crazy stuff that is to come. But I think there is a little bit more behind the title than first meets the eye. Lets find out shall we?

Ok, lets ...
Sep 17, 2012
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (otherwise known as Humanity has Declined) was originally a series of short novels written by author Romeo Tanaka, a man most famously know for his work in the adult Japanese game industry. But don't let that cloud your opinion of this show, as it turns out Jinrui wa etc. is actually quite an interesting little work. It has its ups, it has a few downs, but lets see how good it really was shall we?

To begin, as the title states, Jinrui wa is a story set in a somewhat post-apocalyptic future were humanity, while still being there, is on a large ...
Jan 14, 2012
Working'!! (Anime) add

6 Main characters
A variety of side characters (add at own discretion)
1 Relatively simple Slice of Life plot
1 Modern Day restaurant setting
A dash of comedy

throw them in a bowl, stir thoroughly, and your reward is Working!!. If your working comes attached with a ' at the end, don't worry it tastes exactly the same as a regular Working!!

Yes and here we are, with the second installment of that little series Working!!. The original was a quaint little show with a nice set of characters, a decent little story and while a little bit forgettable, it was overall a well put together show. So how ...
Oct 3, 2011
And so ends another season of the show with one of the most cumbersome names imaginable. Yes I'm not really sure a title would fly over here in the western hemisphere... what if shows like Lost were called "Islands and Passengers and Smoke Monsters"... but I digress. Yes Baka to Test to Shokanjuu (missing out on an excellent opportunity to call itself Baka 2 Test 2 Shokanjuu... provided it used the english pronunciation of the number 2... blah) has finally ended and its left... a strange taste in my mouth. Its definitely not what I expected from a Baka to season, so lets elaborate shall ...
Jul 22, 2011
Action, adventure, romantic-comedy is what could be used to best describe Elemental Gelade. Yes, overall Elemental Gelade (or Erementar Gerade for you engrish fans out there) is a bit of a mixed bag, combining some of the most popular genres into one solid story. Trying to put comedy and romance in with an action adventure can sometimes prove too much for a story, and completely topple the plot… but overall Elemental Gelade holds up quite well. However, exactly how well it holds up is what we shall look at now.

Probably the most interesting and obvious things Elemental Gelade has to offer is its setting. It ...
Jun 3, 2011
Mirai Nikki (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Mirai Nikki got a rather large following pretty quickly on the internet community, mostly due to an interesting premise and the promise of a new shiny Yandere lead (which is rare nowadays). The interesting twist of dueling minds, fortunetelling, and romance was a strong selling point for the series... but sadly it was unable to truely live up to the high standards it tried to achieve. It had the potential to be rather good, but ended up being rather sub par.

As stated... Mirai Nikki has a very intriguing premise to provide. A group of people, ranging from pathetic school boy, to homicidal terrorist, to ...
Mar 11, 2011
Comedy is such a broad genre. It can be slapstick, it can be subtle, it can be dark, it can be most anything you want it to. As it stands, this form of comedy, which I will call sketch comedy from now on, is something I have had little interaction with so far (in the anime world that is). And as such, it dawns on me that this review will be exceedingly hard... or maybe exceedingly simple depending on your point of view. This is because, Master of Epic... or sketch comedies in general, only have one real requirement... Comedy. Characters are there, but don't ...
Feb 21, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (Unknown/13 eps)
Hmmmmm, where do I begin with an anime like this. There's a lot to say... so how bout, I start with the reception it seems to have received for once. Rio: Rainbow Gate is probably one of the most hated anime of 2011. I've been trying to look at the reason for this from an objective stand point (at least... trying to put in as little of my own bias as possible), and I think I may have figured out why this anime doesn't work. Its a jumble of parts from different anime. Let me explain.

What are probably the 2 main complaints of this anime? ...
Feb 11, 2011
Preliminary (Unknown/12 eps)
5 Episodes in is ample time to review an anime like this.

Anyways, lets review Onii-chan no Koto.... you know the rest. In an old baka to review of mine I stated that having a name like... Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, was just terribly long, awkward, and un-original. Well Onii-chan here decided to up the anti and create an anime with one of the longest titles of all time. I know pretty much everybody has and will harp on this, but seriously, its hard to recommend / dismiss this anime when you can't remember the bloody name of it.

Sigh... So where do I begin ...
Jan 15, 2011
Working!! (Anime) add
Now here's an anime that really made me question... "What do I look for in an anime." Up until now... I have generally followed a simple rule of thumb that states, "Slice of life is generally terrible." And have stuck to that moral for quite a long time (with a few small exceptions). So I have really no idea what compelled me to watch a show that appeared to be, in all aspects, a 100% authentic slice of life, right down to the core. And watch it I did... After 3 or 4 episodes, it dawned on me that I was actually enjoying it. ...