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Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu
Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu
Oct 22, 8:26 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored -
Oct 13, 4:49 PM
Completed 4/4 · Scored -
100-man-nen Chikyuu no Tabi: Bander Book
100-man-nen Chikyuu no Tabi: Bander Book
Sep 12, 4:10 PM
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Nikuhitsu: Sensei no Fukujuu Lesson
Nikuhitsu: Sensei no Fukujuu Lesson
Nov 15, 2:13 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored -
Nov 1, 1:41 PM
Completed 9/9 · Scored -
Onna Kyoushi ni Tsugu
Onna Kyoushi ni Tsugu
Oct 22, 12:39 PM
Completed 19/19 · Scored -



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phantomDC Nov 15, 6:55 AM
Wow man, that's cool! Your English is very good so I'm sure you'll be fluent in no time. I'd love to learn Japanese, but I know I'm not dedicated enough.

I'm exclusively sub, but I've started to pick up words and phrases here and there. I've only been watching anime for about two years so that should have been enough time for something to sink in. :)

Are you translating for MAL or another different place?
phantomDC Nov 8, 1:58 PM
I can get not rating things. When I started coming to MAL it was to get suggestions for what to watch and what people thought. However, I quickly learned, like most things on the internet, people take everything way to seriously. I like to be passionate about the things that I like, but I never wanted to cross the line between passion and annoying.

My "method" of rating is:
10 and 9 are things so good I would like to own and watch/read again
8 and 7 are things that I enjoyed a lot, but probably wouldn't like to experience again
6 and 5 are things that I didn't think were all that good
4-1 are gauges of garbage

As for recommendations:

Shinsekai yori - my all time favorite anime. I can't really describe the story, but I will say that this one stuck with me for a while. Top notch storytelling.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu - a story about rakugo, live storytelling. That might not sound great, but the characters made this very interesting. The art and the music really gave this story a nice vibe.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. - a group of childhood friends who grow apart after the death of one of the group. The main character is haunted by the spirit of their dead friend as they try to rekindle their broken relationships. This one is cliché and melodramatic...and wonderful. I actually got choked up at the end. :) Great opening theme too.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - A dragon who is a maid/woman, girl love, slapstick, and oddness. Honestly, this one should've sucked, but was really funny.

Black Lagoon - a great violent, dark action series. Might not be for everyone, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Are you a fan of dub, sub, or both? Also, I'm gonna check out Hajime no Ippo when I'm done with Noir and Noein. Thanks for the recommendation.

phantomDC Nov 6, 8:49 PM
Yeah, the modern MIDIs make the classics sound very rudimentary. I would really like everything to be as vanilla as possible. I fell in love with the original games in '96 when I was a six year old and my favorite WADs are still the older, more traditional ones. The new ports and mods are really cool, but sometimes they feel a bit to removed from those old games I love.

As for the anime, I don't think that I've ever really plowed through anything that I really hated. I have watched a few piles of shit, but I usually did so for the hell of it. I've been pretty good picking shows, but I think it's because I don't like not finishing something once I've started it.

Do you have anything anime/manga that you would like to recommend? Do you not rate your completed lists? :)
phantomDC Nov 4, 4:44 PM
That is a really good idea. I never thought about it in that manner. My only real post on DW was to get some perspective on when people started to "get" their own style. I had hit the wall with like two dozen partially completed levels that I didn't feel great about. Ever since I started mapping I've been experimenting with different styles. In doing so I've found that I'm a fan of symmetry and themes.

My idea for this alleged megawad is a lot like Scythe 2, in that it is split into six themed episodes. While I have about a third of the levels done, I also wanted to do the music for it; I'm actually a musician first. I have a lot of tracks written and even more in my head, but none have been formatted for MIDI yet. I sometimes wish I would have wanted to do this when I was a teenager and had nothing but time, ya know? :)

There is just so much that goes into this sort of project, as you know. I've thought about teaming up with someone to do a HR/SOD kinda vibe, but I just don't have enough self esteem to try and reach out to anyone. I think that is pretty natural for most people. Thanks for the offer of help, I appreciate that!

Thanks again...take care. :)
phantomDC Nov 3, 8:28 PM
I haven't ever put anything out yet. I've been working on a map set sporadically for about a year and a half now called "Prophecy". So many people make really detailed and creative maps and that makes me feel like people won't like my stuff, but I have a lot of fun making levels.

The hope is to one day pull an Erik Alm or a Pipicz and make a one man megawad, but that is a lot of work and that many maps from one person kinda end up lame and stale. But, in the future if I ever put anything out it will be Prophecy.

You working on anything?
phantomDC Nov 3, 6:42 AM
Oh, me? I'm just a nobody Doomer :)

I was playing through Interception and was looking through the txt file when I saw your credit, which included your MAL username(nice btw).
I really just wanted to tell you that your maps are always really good and your posts on DW really helped me understand how to edit and design my own stuff.

So yeah...thanks man! Take care.
phantomDC Nov 2, 8:01 PM
Hello. Is this Memfis?
MyBUSHIDO Sep 5, 1:19 PM
You're right. Stories that no one knows the ending are interesting. So it would be "slice of life" plus "sport".

You're welcome!
Wow, You have took care of yours, right? So the iPod can work for you now.
MyBUSHIDO Sep 5, 5:19 AM
Hmhm, I see. They are living in the special world that they can be a protagonist. And people want them to be so.
If they were not obsessed with their sports, then the genre could be changed.
Yes. The story can be divided into some. When he is in an elementary school, when he is in high school, etc.

So do I. Learning English in school was just to solve problems for exams. That was all...Well, I can say it was good to know the basic of English.

I don't listen to anything fun like that though... You can check this site. In this site, you can listen to anime related radio.
For example, classroom of the elite. :http://www.onsen.ag/
MyBUSHIDO Sep 5, 1:29 AM
Sports...Hmm, I rarely watch the genre though, MAJOR is the best baseball anime/manga to me. But this is a story about a protagonist who wants to be a pro-player and after he becomes, so to speak, his whole life with baseball.
So this is not what you asked though...

No, I don't think so. Well, I think it can be a way. But "Translating" actually means "interchanging lines by another language without breaking the mood", those phrases are not the ones coming out of myself. I mean, people have their way of speaking.
So chatting/speaking with native people in your target language is far more effective, when it comes to "practicing".

You have a point.
As you mentioned, other than translating itself, I sometimes need time to do extra stuff to make good subtitles (the appearance), e.g font.
MyBUSHIDO Sep 4, 11:44 AM
You're welcome! It makes sense. You don't have a chance unless you watch/read medical stories.

I've been using Aegisub.
I'm used to the soft, so it's best to me so far.
MyBUSHIDO Sep 4, 6:30 AM
Hi there. I got it.
He said "20針も縫ったのよね" there...

Yes, that's right. Thank you for your concerning. I hope so...!
Savo- May 8, 8:15 PM
Это аниме и манга находящаяся с обратной стороны луны? Напомни (а спрашивал ли я?), кстати, почему ты не смотришь (ненавидишь?) современное аниме. Аниме за 2007 год вышло 10 лет назад, поэтому с уверенностью даже его можно назвать старьём.
Savo- May 8, 1:02 PM
А что, по твоему, не перевели? Что достойно внимания, но осталось без внимания?
Savo- May 7, 7:41 PM
[flashback]Ты не подумай, я тебя не отговариваю ни от чего, и не спорю, просто интересно твоё мнение.[/flashback]