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Suite Precure♪
Suite Precure♪
May 22, 1:00 PM
Completed 48/48 · Scored -
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
May 15, 7:48 AM
Completed 25/25 · Scored -
Black Cat
Black Cat
Apr 29, 4:58 PM
Completed 23/23 · Scored -
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Jul 16, 8:08 AM
Reading 5/12 · Scored -
Seigi no Mikata
Seigi no Mikata
Jul 7, 9:21 AM
Reading 25/? · Scored -
Ikinokore! Shachiku-chan
Ikinokore! Shachiku-chan
Jul 3, 2:08 PM
On-Hold 8/? · Scored -



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BonAntonio Apr 12, 3:11 AM
Наверно надо идти, а то потом скорее всего пожалею, особенно когда ты вернёшься с впечатлениями. =)

Чуть позже спишемся тогда, надо подобрать правильные места.

С днём рождения кстати! Пусть тебе живется так же, как и пишется: сочно, разнообразно и с откликом.

Спасибо. ^^
BonAntonio Apr 11, 10:21 AM
Не думал на счёт следующего концерта?
BonAntonio Apr 7, 4:18 PM
Рад, что и ты здорово провёл время. )
BonAntonio Apr 7, 1:37 PM
Спасибо за компанию на концерте. Было интересно.
BonAntonio Apr 6, 8:09 AM
Ну, давай тогда проверять силу Судьбы на прочность: у меня партер, ряд 11, место 17. Даже если в разных концах окажемся, до или после концерта пересечься не против. Или там во время антракта, концерт же из двух частей вроде. Думаю, будет интересно.
BonAntonio Apr 6, 4:33 AM
Иду, билет уже куплен. Если понравится, в мае и на видео-игровой с тем же дирижёром постараюсь попасть.
Yuribee Mar 6, 12:28 AM
No worries man I can tell you mean nothing sinister in your words. It's actually interesting because, for the less trivial more serious aspects of my life I'm very independent in my thoughts and beliefs and need nothing more than my own approval of those mindsets. And yet like you said for something as trivial as whether or not to score Japanese cartoons on a website I felt like I needed confirmation from someone else. The more I think about it the funnier the whole idea is lmao.

That being said while I definitely agree with you, I am still glad that you share those same feelings about the matter. While I shouldn't have ever really needed them, it's nice to know I'm not the only one :D
Yuribee Mar 3, 2:03 PM
Those issues you had with Lucky Star and Hidamari I have all the time with various series so I know the feeling for sure. I've agreed with that sentiment for a while, numbers simply can't express your full opinion and often just make things more difficult than they ever needed to be. And yet I found myself right back in the loop of using scores.

If MAL didn't have a score field I'm 100% certain I'd of never scored anime, and likewise I feel like it was a combination of doing it because everyone else is and feeling like I needed to categorize my list for others to see it, rather than for myself. And it's not like it's hard to ask ones opinion of a show, or even leave a small tag just to give an idea of how you feel about a series and forge a conversation based on that.

This conversation was so useful! I kept bringing scores back because I couldn't find anyone who shared my feelings on the matter so I felt inclined to keep using them, but this is definitely the push I needed to remove them altogether. Thank you!
Yuribee Mar 2, 5:54 PM
no no! I think you were right on track man and even opened my eyes a bit more on the subject.
I started writing little tags aside the stuff i watched, but it'd probably be better to just like write a little paragraph in the comments.

I agree with the idea that people use scores just to make their lives easier, thus not having to think too much after completing something outside the number. If you think about it that's the first thing someone brings up when they look at your list, "Why did x show get y score?" and it's part of the reason I've stopped using scores all together many times.

I think I might remove them again hearing your thoughts, and try like notepadding my thoughts for each thought or something like that. I don't like the idea of scores in the first place because some things just don't fit, some 9's could be 10's and what even is a 10, things like that always bother me.

And most importantly, this is the only medium I use scores for. I don't score video games, movies, YOUTUBE VIDEOS (lol) or anything like that. I'm not saying other people don't, and they have no use in the world. But I don't think everyone needs to use them, myself included.
Yuribee Mar 2, 11:54 AM
Ahh I see, that's more of the same reason why I've deleted my scores so many times. Yet somehow I still feel conflicted to do it again.

Thanks for the input!
Yuribee Mar 1, 11:39 AM
Can I ask why you have no scores on your list?

I've stopped using scores quite a few times but I've never gotten another perspective.
World_Houp Feb 16, 7:40 AM
Покорения новых вершин и всяческих успехов тебе :3
BonAntonio Feb 6, 4:13 AM
Там и вселенная альтернативная, так что «Городского охотника» смотреть не так уж и обязательно. Но «Охотник» сам по себе хорош + интересно потом сравнивать аниме-сериал с киношкой из 90-х, где Саебу Рё сыграл аж Джеки Чан.
BonAntonio Feb 6, 2:42 AM
>> Всякие там сомнительные истории о том, как человеку пересадили орган и он вдруг резко изменился.
«Angel Heart»? ^^
BonAntonio Feb 6, 12:10 AM
>> Я почему-то думал, там электричества вообще не должно быть, мол не сказочное оно совсем. :)
Раз есть лампы накаливания, есть и то, на чём они работают. Я исходил из этого. А там уж индукционный ток или ещё чего схожее по принципу работы. Здесь вот то ли звук, то ли пульс. Устройство автоматически ловит сигнал, сигнал запускает цепь, кости приходят в движение. Наверное... Мне больше интересно, как ожившие костяшки сохраняют поведенческие особенности хозяина. Остаточная память? Хотя в мире, где никто не удивляется цукумогами, всё может быть, так что ладно.