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Azur Lane
Azur Lane
Dec 8, 11:45 AM
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Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Dec 8, 11:45 AM
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Cinderella Girls Gekijou: Climax Season
Cinderella Girls Gekijou: Climax Season
Dec 2, 9:14 AM
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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Dec 12, 8:17 AM
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Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan
Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan
Nov 13, 9:00 PM
Completed 20/20 · Scored -
Iono-sama Fanatics
Iono-sama Fanatics
Nov 13, 8:59 PM
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L_o_l_i Yesterday, 10:26 AM
I spy Miki Sayaka on favorites. x3
Skittles Dec 12, 10:18 PM
Lmao yeah, I do know that actually. Okay, I think I'm mixing them up with another company. I do remember they created games with 'wing' though as part of their title.

I keep hearing many good things about SubaHibi. Heard it recently got a full voice patch? No better time than now to play it tbh.

Yeah, no problem! I can read a decent amount of Japanese, so I'm able to memorize the names of artists as long as they're not in kanji. They drew the characters of course, but I like to play around with them by adding effects, coloring, and such as with my profile picture. Image-editing or GFX is what most people call it :P

Tbh I don't like Huniepop's artstyle either. Like you, I find it easy to detect anime-ish works that are actually drawn by western artists. I haven't played DDL, but I still know it's developed by western creators just by reading its vibes. I have nothing against anime stuff made by westerners though—I just think they're interesting.

Ahh yeahh about the profile similarities, I think it'd be better if I PM you about it later instead :P
Skittles Dec 6, 12:50 AM
Lol I remember trying Huniepop for a while because of my friend. Funny thing is he's not even a weeb, but he considers it to be one of his all-time favorite Steam games xD

I'm not familiar with Frontwing's games, but I kept hearing from most VN fans that they tend to be shoddy and uninspired. Is that true?

Thank you! The artist for the girl on my profile picture is Fuwari and the artist for the two nekos is Momoko. Both are popular Pixiv content creators and two of my most favorite artists on the site. I follow a lot of Pixiv artists and their live drawing sessions since I often make graphics from their work :)
Lolicon-sama2611 Dec 4, 3:27 AM
Skittles Dec 1, 10:34 AM
Ooo wow that's interesting. The design of the girl looks so different from anything related to Grisaia.

What's with Purino Party though :P
Lolicon-sama2611 Nov 30, 6:10 AM
Lolicon-sama2611 Nov 29, 12:28 AM
Lolicon-sama2611 Nov 28, 3:20 AM
Teehee xp
Noboru Nov 27, 2:17 PM
Well, for now, there is still a lot of translated stuff. Given how long it took me for Katahane to finish (from end of August to End of November), I would say that I will still have years to read alone with the stuff I have. Oh and btw. finished Katahane and finished the prologue of Subahibi (with voice + uncensoring patch).

Noboru Nov 27, 10:40 AM
I know some Japanese from having it studied it a little, but not enough to comprehend the VNs.

Looking at the CGs without being able to read the story fully is pointless. I mean, I could theoretically just use ITH + TA + Mecab + Jparser + Bing translator + Atlas (Google doesn't seem to work the last time I tried) and theoretically look up Kanji in written dictionaries based on their radicals as well, but it feels like too much work. Besides, I got used to reading Visual Novels on a single screen setup (TV) instead of a dual screen setup (one screen for looking things up, the other for the application).

"Huniepop" doesn't ring a bell, either. But then it's clear: a dating sim is not a Visual Novel.

I have to re-download the whole game first, since I only have the partial translation

Lolicon-sama2611 Nov 27, 12:32 AM
Skittles Nov 26, 1:42 PM
Thank you, took some time making that PFP :)

Where's yours from?
mascarpone Nov 26, 11:59 AM
Noboru Nov 26, 10:45 AM
Aww, thanks, but you won't get anything out of it! >///<

Just saw that Pure Girl is a Frontwing title as well, though there seems to be no English version or patch listed on VNDB. Do you read VNs in Japanese?

Definitively agree with the character design, though I also like the ones from Favorite, Key and Leaf (ToHeart2). lol'ed at the VNDB-"entry" for Purino Party:

1) If you were to add Purino Party, this is absolutely not the way to do it. It's not a patch, but a standalone product.
2) It's not a VN. Please don't add it as a VN, either.
So is that like a translated spinoff or something?

I want to eventually try SubaHibi

Visual Novels have the better entertainment value for their needed space. But then again, I'm still stuck with Katahane and lately found more pleasure in watching Anime.
mascarpone Nov 26, 10:32 AM
Why thank you~ I think your profile is pretty cool btw~