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KeiNiwa May 7, 2017 4:23 AM
There is actually no "true definition" of cosplay set in stone yet. However, it would be better if we cosplay the character, while knowing the character we cosplay as well even though what we cosplay is an OC. And as you said:

>Cosplay is after all, to carry the TAMASHII of the character.

Which explains what is cosplay overall. It's not just wearing the costumes, it's also to understand and portray the character. =D

>"Heh, you're not a true cosplayer because you don't even sew it yourself!!111oneone"

However, we can also be a true cosplayer even though we buy the costume. Coz we strive hard and work hard to earn the money to get the cosplay that we want, and that's our dedication. I'm a working man, so I hardly have any time to learn how to sew my costumes. But I work hard every week to earn the cash for it X'3
KeiNiwa May 3, 2017 4:02 AM
>the most I met are mostly waifus kind of fan rather than liking the lesbian romance
I am both ~ Aside of being a GL lover, I also have a personal waifu: Umi Sonoda from Love Live :P
Yuri danshi, I have been searching this term for so long! XDD

>My friends were once in the cosplay scene their senior were always anal about that
I have nothing against the people who buys their cosplay costumes, coz I'm one of them too (My Ciel and Kaname costume was bought from Taobao lol) ~ What I meant by "shortcut" is that the costumes are now easier to get, and abundant in amount. Which means, people doesnt have to think much abt what character to cosplay since they can just search and pick what they like ~

But at least after buying the costume, have some effort to make em as presentable as possible ~ Some of the so-called "senpais" are very snobbish and think highly of themselves as they have "more experience" in cosplay. That is why I choose to be a solo cosplayer, so that I wont get bashed from other members of the group if my cosplay ever have a little mistake that might trigger them ~

I cosplay for fun. Period. =P

>the brief introduction alone make me want to root for you to cosplay as him!
Gee thanks, it will most probably be my cosplan for this upcoming CF. :D

The people at Animonsta have always been wanting to go to CF and meet the BoBoiBoy cosplayers, but they were always busy with schedules. So instead, they invited the cosplayers to the studio ~ But since the TV series has ended as of now, they might make an appearance at the CF event itself now that they have a project off their shoulders for now *w*
KeiNiwa May 2, 2017 2:26 AM
>We have Nijikai here for fujos
Oh, Nijikai ~ I heard of that before.Hopefully there are more cons that is dedicated to BL and GL, and perhaps I want a con with full GL so that the BL doesn't conquer too much (We need moar yuri joshi!) =P

Yeah, at that time most cosplayers were trying to be as rare as possible to bring in variety. That's because cosplay online shopping like Taobao weren't a thing back then, so most cosplayers are able to achieve the rarity. Now that the cosplay items are easily obtained online... that what might have contributed to the lack of variety in cosplays since most people love to take shortcut to cosplay XP

>I don't really follow with the latest anime trend in Malaysia
KemoFure could be a thing, however it seems that an online Chinese game by the name of Onmyouji have surfaced recently, as well as the Korean game, Mystic Messenger. And it is possible for Shingeki no Kyoujin to return because of the Season 2 =w="

>Damn, interesting choices! Good luck on the costumes!
Thanks ~ Many people asked me to go for Funny Valentine due to him being the "US President" in his story, which people often poke fun of him should be the current US president instead of Trump. =P

>A friend jokingly said that she wanted to cosplay as Yaya from Boboiboy
That actually brought luck to BoBoiBoy cosplayers at CF2016 because Animonsta Studios personally invited them to the studios to have a tour and take a pic with the staff, in their cosplays! Only about 30+ lucky BoBoiBoy cosplayers were selected for that one in a lifetime chance XDDD
KeiNiwa Apr 30, 2017 7:24 PM
>I fucking wish the fujos (bc they dominate the artists booth) here to be omnivorous
That is my wish as well. I wish booths at CF can balance this out, it wouldn't be fair to those who are into GL, or liking both...

>we need diversity
Yes, I want other flavours of Mee Maggi as well. Had enough of Ramu Ramu Remu Remu (Re: Zero) Maggi flavour.
jk, heck even the old-school anime deserve some love to be cosplayed too. Most of the old anime didnt manage to grasp the glory of being cosplayed as cosplay was not yet a trend at that time X'3

>something hahah which chara is in your mind?
I have many in mind, but if I were to make candidate, it would be either Funny Valentine (Part 7) or Josuke "Gappy" Higashikata (Part 8)

>if the wigs are stylized and fixed, that would be good
I'm open with criticism, so dont worry abt it ~ That was a random photoshoot I did in 2013, and I wanted to get crazy in my choice of characters. Coincidentally, I have a red shirt and yellow shorts, so I instantly thought of Shin-chan ~ It's another rare character that could've been a trend, but sadly not many people have the balls to do it XP
KeiNiwa Apr 30, 2017 4:59 AM
No problemo ~ I'm always on this site to update my anime/manga list :P

If you do have a booth for this year's CF, I am going to pay a visit, and perhaps buy some stuffs to help ~ ^^

>"if there's too much of it, I can get bored easily"
>"CF '14 has shitloads of Kanekis while I'm trying to find my favourite characters"

You wanna know one term I always use for these cases? I call it the "Mee Maggi Syndrome".
When you taste Maggi for the first time, it's tasty. But once you eat too much of it almost everyday, you'll eventually get bored with it. Just like the stuffs, when I go to CF 2015, many people are selling like Free or Haikyuu stuffs (most of them are made as BL stuffs), that I eventually got fed up visiting the booths lol (I want GL, not BL!)

About the Kaneki, yes, as CF 2014 was the first CF I attended. Everywhere from entrance to the exit, I will never miss a single Kaneki along the way. Same goes to 2015, Genos or Saitama everywhere, as well as Love Live. In 2016, I didn't attend, but I saw most photos revolves on Yuri On Ice. I have nothing against them, but as I told earlier, I got fed up of the "same flavour of Mee Maggi".

That is why I wanna cosplay in my own way, cosplay as a rare character that may be recognizable to some people. At least the photographers don't have to face the repeated cosplays over and over along the event. For this year, I'm still not sure of which character I'm doing, but most probably will be choosing a character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, as I've been liking it so much recently. =D

>"do you have a page or site for your cospics?"
Well, I dont put most of my cosplay photos online, but I did have a WorldCosplay account if u wanna see my earlier works :P
KeiNiwa Apr 29, 2017 5:24 AM
It's alright. Life's like that, we got too preoccupied on something until we forgot about everything else. Plus, I never leave any message unreplied. :P

I didn't manage to show up for CF last year due to dedication for work, but I'm returning to CF this year :D

My family knows I watch anime and read manga, but not cosplay. My notable cosplays were Ciel (Kuroshitsuji), Kaito (Vocaloid), and my all-time favourite: Kosuke Ueki (The Law of Ueki). I'm more to the kind to cosplay rare characters instead of the mainstream ones. :P
gin113 May 16, 2016 2:57 PM
watch gintama
KeiNiwa Feb 29, 2016 12:00 AM
Yeah, me too. I only do listings of anime here :P
I am a congoer, but only once a year due to my busy work schedule (only free in December) ~ Plus, the fact that I live in Sarawak (lots of money needed for plane tickets and hotel) :'D

I attended local Sarawak events in 2012 and 2013, and start going for CF in 2014 and 2015 XDDD
I manage to meet FLOW on last year's CF :P

And oh yea, I'm a cosplayer too ~ An "undercover cosplayer" (secretly from family and real life colleagues) XDD
KeiNiwa Feb 27, 2016 4:29 AM
Yo-ho, thanks for the approve! Nice to meet a fellow Malaysian here XDDD
Yup Dec 27, 2015 5:33 AM
Lue Sep 29, 2015 4:55 AM

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MaahHeim Apr 16, 2015 1:11 PM
I loved the character design too, but yea, I heard a lot of bad comments about it ):


I would love to see any of them live. Srsly. I would scream so much *cries*

Never read it, but I'm almost sure I've read about (maybe it's in my plan to read list, but I'm tooooo lazy to check right now. I'm trying to get some courage so I can keep watching my animus. But it's hard. Damn.
Bitsu Apr 13, 2015 8:48 AM
Alright, no need to worry, i love talking, hahahaha :)

I have not seen many anime lately, because im studying cinema and music, but i can help you. Let's make a return? You recommend cool animes and i recommend you, right? But i do not know if you've watched the animes that i will recommend, if it does, i'm sorry!

1. Mushishi
2. NHK ni Youkoso!
3. Sakamichi no Apollo
4. Uchuu Kyoudai
5. Kino no Tabi

I have not watched many animes, but these are my favorites. I hope to help you always! And i'm sorry for horrible english hahahaha
MaahHeim Apr 12, 2015 8:07 AM
Aw, spoilers suck. At least for me. I remember when I was watching Shingeki no Kyojin and Eren was dead and I was like "FUCKKKKKK" and then... Spoilers. Anyway. It happens a lot, and annoys me all the time. Good thing I didn't get any lately, or I would be pissed. AND WHOA. I still need to watch Utena, but Mawaru is just ♥♥♥. My favourite anime of all time. Like srsly. My MAL updater has Mawaru theme, my desktop, chrome, life... Anyway. Finish it when you can, like, seriously.

Hahaha, really good indeed! This second episode was so cool. I missed it a lot. And, YEA, DAMMIT! I need Digimon 3 as well. ç-ç Can't wait.

Oh, yea, I love fuckers. That's a huge problem in my social/love life, but at least the animes support me with awesome characters that MAY BE fuckers, but that never let me down *hugs all anime characters who are fuckers*. YESSSSSSSS! Gashapon! Well, the one with two little pokemons was 6 dollars, but the one with a medium one was 9. I discovered that there's another GASHAPON (cute name, omg. I think I've heard it somew- oh. Grand Chase. Nvm) in a market near to my house. Yay.

AKSDOPKDFOAPDASP POOR YOU. OKAY. OMG, MY FRIEND WENT TO ONE OK ROCK LAST YEAR. She even sent me an audio of them playing No scared... Anyway. *sob* AKFG WOULD BE AWESOME TO SEE. GOD. I know FLOW have already came to Brazil. The show must have been really cool. Well, I would like Nagi Yanagi and Nano here tbh, love both of them. Such awesome voices.

Yea, when they exaggerate on drama I always get REALLY UPSET. I'm buying Aoharaido here, but I know I'll get really "ughhhh" to read the suffering part. Like, c'mon, just be together you piece of shits. I loved Hana Yori Dango (have you watched/read it? It's awesome), but then there's like 10 or 15 episodes of "NEW GIRL APPEARED THE PROTAGONIST IS GOING TO LOOOOOOSE THE GUYYYYY!" that made me almost break my computer and I end up giving it a 9 - it's in my heart, but everytime I remember it I feel chills down my spine. Srsly I got scared and disgusted of watching it *CRIES* Anyway.
MaahHeim Apr 9, 2015 6:06 AM
ASDOKLFA No worries :3 Well, last season had some awesome animes like Yuri Kuma Arashi and Death Parade (that honestly disappointed me a little at the end) and the sequel of Kamisama and Durarara (♥). These were very good, and Binan was very entertaining as well. But... Uh, idk. The season felt incomplete to me for some reason. I miss Yuri Kuma, but that's all. So... Yea. Idk.

In this season, I already loved some first episodes. The sequels had my heart. The first of Oregairu made me realize how I missed the anime and the characters and Nagi Yanagi singing the opening (♥). Danna was cool and funny as usual, Fate was overwhelming aaand that's it for sequels. I gave up on Utapri on season 2 (sry world) and even though I tried taking a look at this new season, I simply couldn't watch the episode *cries* ANYWAY! Owari no Seraph, Shokugeki no Shouma, Plastic Memories and Hibike! Euphonium had some nice beginnings. I liked everything until now, I guess. Even Kyoukai no Rinne which didn't have a VERY GOOD beginning was also really cool and made me miss InuYasha very much. There's still a lot of episodes that I downloaded and didn't watch yet, but I'm planning on doing so today (YAY).

There are! In the city a live there are a few, but in São Paulo there's a place called "Liberdade" that is a japanese neighbourhood. There you can find - guess what - figures, mangas, japanese food and EVERYTHING. It's awesome. I went to São Paulo to go to Lollapalooza and went there. The awesome figures (figmas? I don't know the difference, world *CRIES*) were really expensive and I thought "oh maybe I shouldn't spend all my money in figures" AND NOW I REGRET IT. There was a beautiful figure of Taiga (Toradora!) there that I should've bought. I regret it t_t In the end I only bought a Tomoyo (NOW MY SAKURA HAS A FRIENDDDD! And they're the same size, same thing, same everything, I think they were made to be placed together), a Tohsaka Rin (from Fate), a Kagami (I don't know why I did, Kuroko is an anime that makes me angry all the time for being so predictable and for having so many poor annoying fuckers characters + super powers + a lot of stuff I hate - My chibi Kagami is really cute tho), a Rin (FROM FREE! OMG. I SHOULD'VE BOUGHT ALL OF THEM IDK WHY I ONLY BOUGHT RIN. I LOVE HIM MORE THAN ALL, BUT BUT BUT ç-ç they only had Rin and Makoto and I don't really like Makoto so I didn't buy him. I should've searched more. I'm crying now) and some pokemons because there were one of those machines that you put 9 dollars (omg the dollar is so high lately. Before I would say "6 dollars") and they give you some. The Pikachu I got was really cute, but I don't know the other two since they're from the new generation or something. Anyway. Oh. Maybe I should create a paypal account. BUT PROBABLY NOT KNOW!!!111 "Why?" Because I'm wasting all my family money in shows. Yea. A lot of bands I love are coming to my city this year and I just cannot go. <3

KKKKKYAAA, IT WAS REALLY CUTE WHEN HE WENT JUST TO SEE HER. Awn, poor ya. I ship Tomoe x Nanami too much, and even though I liked Jiro, nhéeé´´eé´´eé Tomoe is better. >. Sorry. THANKFULLY my ships always are OTP. I scream everyday asking for the god of animes (and Suetsugu-sensei-sama) to let Taichi be with Chihaya. They're my favourite ship of all the fucking time <3 The only time I remember my ship didn't end together was in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I got all angry and dropped the anime because of I couldn't stand the OTP).