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May 3, 2012
AKB0048 (Anime) add (All reviews)
Whether or not you should watch AKB0048 can pretty much be answered with two questions...

1. Do you like AKB48?

2. Does the dream to become a seifuku-clad guerilla idol that zips about on floating platform bravely fighting anti-entertainment mechas with weaponized stage props all while nailing the group choreography and keeping a tune sound like story-telling genius? (OR, more succinctly, could you really care less about a show's plot as long as you get to watch some moe chicks?)

If you answered "no" to either of these questions, AKB0048 is just not for you. When push comes to shove, it really doesn't matter how good read more
Nov 23, 2008
Note: Vampire Knight Guilty is a direct continuation of Vampire Knight more so than a sequel, so it is necessary to watch Vampire Knight first to truly understand Vampire Knight Guilty. This review is only based on Vampire Knight Guilty.

Story: Vampire Knight Guilty is very much a traditional shoujo series about forbidden love. However, through the inclusion of vampires, the series takes on a bit more of a gothic feel which is heavily relied on to hold the viewer's interest. The story is mainly told from the point of view from the female protagonist, Yuuki, and her inner turmoil about her read more
Sep 30, 2008
I'm not going to compare Gundam 00 to any other of the Gundam series. Gundam 00 is the only Gundam series to not take place in an alternate universe, but instead takes place in the future of our own.

The year is 2309 AD. With the exhaustion of fossil fuels, mankind split into three power blocs to build orbital or space elevators, brining a never ending supply of solar energy to the earth. Despite this advancement, the three power blocs are still in a state almost equivalent to a Cold War, developing military technology to stay ahead of other power read more