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Jun 11, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Divergence Eve is a show that shows some great potential with its diverse character line up and seemingly interesting plot, but in actuality is quite a bit of fail.

The story, i am actually trying to still figure out myself. Things just don't seem to make much sense no matter which way you look at them. Especially that WTF ending that leads into season two, which i have not finished watching at this time but will get to in time.

The back story is simple enough, and you can understand what is going on at specific moments in the show, but to get ...
Jun 11, 2008
This is a one episode OVA that, to be quite honest, is not worth anyones time. If you just wanna see some girls do a few action sequences, fine, but don't expect ANYTHING from this show. That is all.
Jun 11, 2008
Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters in english) falls under the categories of Fantasy, adventure, and comedy.

This show starts off with each episode having its own plot line, but eventually once we get some back stories, the full plot comes into view. There is nothing really complicated about the story, nothing intricate, in fact it is a very linear plot line, but that doesn't mean its not interesting. And things do pick up a lot in the second half of the series (known as the Spell Wars)

Through the story, we get to know the characters very well, getting flashbacks and such so we can have ...
Jun 9, 2008
This show is one of the definitions of random. I will say right now, if you demand structure or linear plot lines, turn back now.

Excel Saga actually not only tells the story of Excel and her escapades, but it is actually three different story lines going at once.

We have the tale of Excel, Pedro, and The Neighbors that work for the city.
With that said, the story is not easily reviewable but here goes.

Well to tell the truth, there really is no story (aside from trying to take over the city) until the last few episodes when random twists of fate bring all three story ...
Jun 9, 2008
Hand Maid May (Anime) add
This show is all about moe.

The story is nothing special by any means, its mostly just one of the "day to day life" of the characters with random things happening here and there. Most of the enjoyment in this show comes from the relational battles and character interactions, and of course everything being uber moe.

The art is done pretty good, all the characters look well done. There aren't a whole lot of scene changes so there isn't a whole lot of backgrounds or moving animation sequences but for what there is, it all looks good. Lots of bright and happy colors to ...
Jun 9, 2008
Slayers Next (Anime) add
Note this is reviewing season two of slayers.

Slayers Next continues on after the happenings of Slayers. We have our returning cast of amazing characters, but we are also introduced to some new ones that do not disappoint. Again the character section gets a 10 because of the witty, comical, and entertaining personalities that all the cast possess.

The story of Next is (in my opinion) far surpassing of that from the original series which is one overall Next scores a 9. As the plot develops, we are faced with mysteries and adventures that lead to new and exciting revelations. Along the way, ...
Jun 9, 2008
Slayers (Anime) add
Note That this is only about season one, not the series as a whole.

Slayers has a decent story line going for it, dealing with sorcerers and dark lords or destruction. Its very much a magical adventure story, along with some great humor. Despite the fact that the characters are made so well and the concepts of the magic etc are there, the plot does seem lacking at times, the writers could have done a better job writing it out.

One major draw back i did find with the story, is that there are TWO climax points, which is dumb because it seems ...
Jun 8, 2008
Burn Up! W (Anime) add
BURN UP W! puts you in the shoes of Tokyo's special law enforcement team, TEAM WARRIOR.

This four episode OVA is hard to review since the first two eps are completely different the the second two but here goes.

first off, the art is pretty typical anime style, but they did a good job with it. The characters arn't plain at all, and the colors and overall artwork a really good.

First half:

These first two episodes are solely for introducing the characters and getting to know them. They are definately comedies with minimal amounts of action, but within all this, there is a plot building in ...
Jun 8, 2008
This is one of those anime taking place in older times, with knights and a medieval stuff, for a while anyway.

This show has a relatively slow moving plot, but once it picks up, you really start to get interested in it. I will admit though, even once it picks up, the plot still moves slow, but its the interesting things that happen that keep you wanting to watch more, and trust me, the ending is pretty sweet and worth watching.

The magic is pretty cool and the "bad guys" have some pretty unique talents that make battle scenes pretty fun to watch. there is ...
Jun 8, 2008
Full Metal Panic is for those who want action with mechs, but not have the show only revolve around war and battles, and FMP accomplishes that flawlessly.

FMP is about an Organization called Mithril that are something like celestial being from gundam 00 for those that have seen it. They intervene in things so that wars dont happen. But they are also out to protect certain people with the natural gift of knowledge of advanced technology called Whispered.

The main character is what makes this show so interesting. His whole life he has known nothing but military life and now he tries to adapt ...

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