Jun 11, 2008
Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters in english) falls under the categories of Fantasy, adventure, and comedy.

This show starts off with each episode having its own plot line, but eventually once we get some back stories, the full plot comes into view. There is nothing really complicated about the story, nothing intricate, in fact it is a very linear plot line, but that doesn't mean its not interesting. And things do pick up a lot in the second half of the series (known as the Spell Wars)

Through the story, we get to know the characters very well, getting flashbacks and such so we can have a better understanding of the relationships they share with eachother. The characters themselves are all quite crazy in some way, they definitely keep you liking them. The emotional/sexual tension between them is always good for a laugh as well.

The art is done decently, not top notch, but for the old hand colored style, it is great. although the personalities of the characters keep the mood up, the color schemes and overall environment of the show tends to place a dark tone which is a nice balance, especially towards the end.

The sound is very good in this show. they use of comical effects and magical ones is on the ball, and everything from character themes to the opening and closings are very enjoyable to listen to. I have seen both the dub and sub, and must say the dub is pretty funny, they really brought out the characters with it, but the sub is also done amazingly. I think i would recommend the sub over dub just because in the dub, Tira can be annoying to listen to, and she doesn't seem to have the best match up ever.

Overall, they mix of drama and comedy is done very well, especially as the show goes on. The secrets that some of the characters possess are also very fascinating to learn about. A great watch, very entertaining. Check it out.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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