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Dec 14, 2021
I can't understand why people praise this show so much. The characters are terribly constructed, with the author completely unable to understand their motivations and intentions. The AIs are supposed to not be fully sentient and/or understand human emotions, but they're all far more emotive than most of the human characters, thus rendering Vivy's conflict of not know what it is to sing with all your hear moot and false.
The narrative is all over the place, with the time jumps between episodes glossing over several important plot points that are never addressed.
And don't get me started on the music. It's unmemorable, tedious and unimaginative (my read more
Nov 15, 2021
This movie was absolutely terrible! It's hard to believe this is the same guy who directed Wolf Children! Maybe it's the curse of criticizing something so vapid and stupid as social networks, I don't know. But characters are superficial, story is full of holes and has no coherence, things happen just because (why did Suzu hate her father? What did he ever do? No clue, the anime doesn't think this is important enough to tell us). Also, tons of plot conveniences, and the MC having the literal worst kind of plot armor possible!
Shame on you, Mamoru Hosoda, shame on you!
Sep 17, 2020
Nice supplement to the .HackSign series, showing a group of 3 girls trying to look into and expose what was happening in the outside world during the events of .HackSign, as it's revealed that several other people around the world had fallen into a coma like Tsukasa from not being able to log out of The World due to the Morgana virus. They find out the company that created and managed the game was trying to cover the situation up while trying to solve the problem. It's a more realistic scenario than the fantasy one in .HackSign, however, this one, rather than being a psychological read more
Sep 17, 2020
A complex and sophisticated character study that requires much attention to overall details, as it's extremely low on action.
The World (Za Warudo) is mostly a game where people go to chill out and escape from reality in a fantasy MMPRPG. There are quests, but there are no real battles to fight. The mystery around the danger facing Za Warudo and focusing around the Key of the Twilight is much more of the investigative kind, so people looking for action will probably be bored.
The relationships between the characters are fascinating, and the one that forms between Subaru and Tsukasa is very moving. Art is good read more
May 28, 2017
Up to episode 7, the show keeps piling up evidence that the author is incredibly naive about political and economic issues, and is focusing the whole show in the idea the world is undergoing a "revolution" caused by Kado. In episode 7, they introduce the Samsa device that allows people to become aware of their multidimensional selves, thus eliminating the need for sleep. When the Japanese government representatives are discussing this, all they are thinking about is how this would improve human productivity, without a thought for the fact that it's precisely excess productivity caused by excess population that is leading the environment to a read more