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July 12th, 2017
Anime Relations: Seikaisuru Kado: Ekwari
Seikarasu Kado was not a disappointment for me. From the moment I saw the childish caricature of a scientist and the tsundere (later turned God) negotiator (how did she get such a job with a personality like that?) I knew the show was mediocre at best. But it turned way worse than I thought. At first, the story was merely overly simplistic at dealing with the issues it was itself raising. But by the final episode, it degenerated into the most generic shounen good humans versus evil alien possible, with an absurdly contrived love story to boot. I was barely able to stand the terrible CGI characters (for me, you either make it Pixar levels - Incredibles, Ratatouille - or don't make it CGI at all), the bland sound design and forgettable music, while the plot held a modicum of interest. Saying the Japanese are the only people in the world capable of understanding the notion of sharing surplus resources is completely ridiculous and bigoted, but I tried to give the show a change, and ended up regretting I wasted my time on it.
Posted by ikarishinji49 | Jul 12, 2017 9:14 AM | 0 comments