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Aug 18, 2023
Kotou Buchou (Manga) add
Woah, haven't had a straight 10/10 in a while..

I loved this onec. The humor is great, the characters are entertaining and grow to insane lengths and I want to pinch Koma-chan's cheeks so baad, she's ADORABLE!

Let's go in order:
1. Story is amazing. Behind all the comedy is an actual survival situation and I learned a lot from Yatsumi-san's explanations (automatically a bonus point in my book if I learn something new). The fake office-style organisation that took place was pretty creepy from a dystopian POV; no matter the situation, behave like in the office, be a drone and all that; but it worked out for ...
Aug 3, 2023
I love this. A scientific look at love, I've been looking for this for a VERY long time.

I don't really understand love so tis was an interesting look into a rational perspecitve on the case.

In my research I've come to a similar resolution. Romance is calculable to a certain point where after that it's completely random. You can't determine who a certain person will fall for. No matter how much you calculate, currently there's no concrete theory on who a certain person will like.
This anime pushed me forward in my exploration of love/attraction.

Sure it's easy to see what attracts a certain person to another physically, ...
May 6, 2023
Logick (Manga) add
This manga is so weird... On one point there's so much great about it, with the art at the forefront, but the story is horribly paced. Events that aren't connected are spliced together without any transitions and I had to go back a few times to understand what was happening. It feels rushed through and through and I don't know if it was axed but somehow kept going for more chapters than the mangaka thought?

The story is a disaster. There's a general outline but it's all so barebones and shallow that it feels like a series of "happenings" more than a coherent story. I get ...
Apr 25, 2023
Koi wa Hikari (Manga) add
Once again Eda-sensei blows me away. First it was with Bonnouji, I'd never read such a realistic love story before and it's been in my top favourite manga since I finished it.
I found this one through recommendations and only then realised it was hers. Suffice to say she did a splendid job here as well.

I started reading romcoms and romances for exactly the same reason as this manga's main theme. I'm still trying to work out what love is though I'm more satisfied with just being an observer. I don't have the mental capacity to start a relationship so I rather watch and mull it ...
Apr 14, 2023
I found this manga a few levels of recommendeds deep and had the "huh, cute" thought a couple chapters in. Then the weeb made a very distinct face and I had a sudden deja vu. No way. And it actually was Morishita Suu!!
Looks like I can't get away from them, huh?
Anyways, a super cute little manga that really brightened my morning today. As always Morishita is a master of doki dokis (Kagen literally caught one XD).

The story is quick and to the point. Kagen comes from the Moon to make Taiyou fall in love with her so she can eat him. Then she learns more ...
Apr 13, 2023
Preliminary (126/? chp)
I love this manga. If you see a negative review, check out how many chapters in they are. I guarantee 90% of the time it will be under 20.
Yes, Hayase teases Hachiouji and that's most of their primary interactions but he quickly starts firing back and suddenly she finds herself blushing and getting jealous over any other girl laying a finger on him.

This latest (and probably last, though I hope not) arc is just pure wholesomeness with Nagatoro spice added so it still distinguishes itself from backwater romcoms after 125 chapters.

It's been close to six years since the series started and it feels so weird ...
Apr 6, 2023
I'm going straight to the point. I'm always having a hard time accepting such great boyfriends in shoujo manga even though I'm wayy more pissed at the shounen ones who aren't completely devoted (love triangles are aa disease on the medium). I guess they always surprise me and make me a bit concerned about myself. Like damn, this man saw the girl once and gets her immediately, flows through the relationship like a butterfly and stings with doki dokis like a bee.

All personal qualms aside I loved this manga. It's miles better than the usual steamy trash that many shoujo are. I know it's fun ...
Apr 4, 2023
Spirit Circle (Manga) add
This was so interesting! Funny enough I found this manga while searching for a short romcom.
"Oh, another middle school romcom with a bit of fantasy, something like Sore wa Rei no Shiwaza desu". Boy was I surprised...

The story never backed down, it was a wild ride from the first panel to the last. It even explored the effects of living through multiple lifetimes! It's one of the rarest instances of time travel related themes and it's done well which makes me so happy. It's basically seven isekai joined by an overarching story which makes it insane that Satoshi managed to cram it all into 45 ...
Mar 30, 2023
This is great. Ticks off all the boxes for a wholesome highschool couple manga.

Hasn't done anything else so far though... I love pure slice-of-life but even then this doesn't have anything special going for it (well there is Hachimatsu, I give them that; she's the best). At least they've dropped the "my girlfriend is such a cutie"-"my girlfriend is so cool" thing, it got pretty boring after 30 chapters of it.

The story so far is good. Nothing stellar even for its genre but it's aight. Gotta check off the whole trope list right?
I don't know why I'm being so harsh but it just feels so ...
Mar 29, 2023
Definitely one of the best 4-koma I've ever read. I can definitely see Takami-sensei's preferences XD and I pretty much agree.
I have to admit, a manly girlfriend sounds VERY enticing and clearly they had a ton of fun the whole 8 years we've followed them. A breath of fresh air in the slew of basic couple manga. Amazing.

The story is great slice-of-life. I love the childish games they both play on each other, you have to maintain your inner child. You never get bored of their hijinks and I found myself constantly dreading the end. I want more!

The characters are great. Both are funny ...

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