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Dec 3, 2019
Before i even started watching demon slayer i was told that it was incredible and it was an incredible anime eager to check out the hype for it i started watching it and after 15 episodes i have never been so disappointing and board in my entire life an unfortunately its just another generic shonen thats been over hyped and put on a gigantic pedestal for some reason and I'm genuinely confused as to why people like it so much

characters 2/10

all of the characters in the show are bland an un-original, theres no substance to their characters apart from look at me read more
Nov 19, 2019
Stone ocean review (no spoilers)

I cannot begin to explain my love for JoJo i could rant about it for hours, its
always been my favourite anime from its ridiculous and bizarre plot lines to its deep and compelling characters and villains theres something for everyone. I been especially impressed over how much JoJo has improved from part 1 and Araki as an author has only upped everything that makes JoJo great to a colossal scale and as the parts go on its only been getting better and my love for it increases. (especially in recent parts) there's something about it that's so special to me read more