Dec 3, 2019
hazer324 (All reviews)
Before i even started watching demon slayer i was told that it was incredible and it was an incredible anime eager to check out the hype for it i started watching it and after 15 episodes i have never been so disappointing and board in my entire life an unfortunately its just another generic shonen thats been over hyped and put on a gigantic pedestal for some reason and I'm genuinely confused as to why people like it so much

characters 2/10

all of the characters in the show are bland an un-original, theres no substance to their characters apart from look at me i can scream stuff and it will magically make me strong and funny. The main character i cant even remember his name hes that forgettable, his personality is bland and filled with contradictions thats almost laughable and the only time he gets strong in this anime is through screaming random moves he just came up with that magically work which is with him saying something cringey like "i must save my sister so i will fight" which is extremely boring and predictable. the other side characters are just annoying and their personalities are all frustratingly bad.

Story 3/10

The story starts off with the main characters family being killed apart from his sister who is still alive but hes motivated to cure her (how interesting) and for some reason he doesn't seem to care much that they are all dead apart from a brief scene were hes sad despite all this he forgets his family is dead and only cares about fixing his sister which is a bit odd but whatever. But the real problem begins as he wants to train to become a demon slayer in order to avenge his family and put an end to this ruthless race that's plaguing his region so he trains with an old man that teaches him how to fight and yes we do see a a fair amount of training hes goes through however it suddenly decides to jump forwards in the future without giving us any information and hes magically able to cut a stupid rock. after this he gets a contract to kills a few demons he fights them all boring fights that are predictable and nothing original is able to come out the story. I basically forced myself to keep watching and i regret, finally after 15 episodes i just didn't care anymore and stopped watching it.

animation 8/10

as much as i dislike about this anime i do however love the animation and overall art style that this anime has this doesn't automatically make it good though in order for the animation to be impact on me i need to relate and have emotional connection to the context of whats happening which demon slayer does not provide because everything is predictable and the characters are lifeless despite this its very smooth but has wasted potential on this shitty anime.

overall dont watch it