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Dec 8, 2011
After I had watched the movie "5 Centimeters Per Second: a chain of short stories about their distance", directed by Makoto Shinkai, one of the biggest problems with the movie I had was the lack of depth in the relationship between Kanae and Takaki.

In the manga, however, I feel like this relationship was explored more in depth, which left me with a more complete feeling after reading the manga. This also helped build both Kanae, Takaki, and Akari as characters, because narration from Kanae about her feelings revealed more dimensions to each character than what was depicted in the movie.

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Dec 7, 2011
After completing the first volume of A Gril by the Sea, (or Umibe no Onnanoko) I can say that Inio Asano has done it again. The main character of the story is a girl named Koume Sato, who experiences the ups and downs of relationships, mostly downs, with Inio brilliantly showing readers what emotions come with it. Just like every other manga by Inio Asano, reading A Girl by the Sea is an experience all its own; unique, heart tantalizing, comedic, and enjoyable. I gave this manga a 10/10 across the board because I believe that the story is excellent, the art read more