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Sep 30, 2011
This manga has a very high rating and a lot of reccomendations, but still no review. I shall attempt to explain why I like this manga and recommend it anyone to read it.
This is in my top 5 manga (of any genre), I can reread it many times because it's so entertaining. There must be a new trend among shoujo mangakas to have smart, level headed female leads who always don't just have love on their mind. As most people may know that this is a sequel to Warau Kanoko-sama, but one doesn't have to read it (though I'd recommend to anyways). The manga is read more
Jul 22, 2011
I usually don't read sports manga or anything sports related for that matter. But this manga is much more than about a sport as much as it is about building relationships thru it.The story is predicable, and as I kept on reading it, I found it to be about accomplishing one's dreams (no matter how trivial they may seem to others), about being passionate about something in life and about lasting friendship. Chihaya is a girl who discovers the game of karuta, in elementary school, thru another student named Arata, as well as her innate ability for itl. Along with another classmate, Taichi, the three read more
Jul 1, 2011
When I read the summary, I predicted that there would be romance with sci-fi being the subplot and the mangeka would exploit the relationship as the one being between two siblings to get more reactions out of readers. I've been proven mostly right, but the romance is weaved into the story seamlessly (and not vulgur), that you forget they're supposed to be siblings, it just seems so natural. It's not forced into the story and connects to the climax of the story, so without it there would be no story. Also, I was expecting aliens (because of the sci-fi tag), but was pleasntly surprised with read more
Jun 26, 2011
Magico (Manga) add (All reviews)
I was bored so picked up this manga because a lot of ppl were praising it. TBH, I don't see it as an out of ordinary shounen, if anything it gives me a feeling of shounen written for girls. The story reminds of Dragon ball, where the mage named Shion and his wife Emma have to obtain some objects, spells and rituals to surpress a power in her. They leave for a journey to search for these obejects et al, they encounter friends, enemies and some ppl who become travelling companions. The journey and the events related to obtaining of certain thing are very short, read more
Jun 13, 2011
I like josei more than shoujo, but there doesn't exist a lot of (good) josei, so when I find it I like to share :). This is a story of two characters, written from their pov and share one thing in common- wrong timing for confessing their love. It is good balance that the stories r presented from the pov of a girl and a boy. Thus giving readers an insight into both gender's psyche, the insecurities they feel, their unrequited love, their cowardice and finally how they r moving on (or trying to) instead of staying in one place.
Story 8- First story is from read more
Jun 13, 2011
In shoujo genre, there r limited premises related to a character's situation that form the basis for the story , i.e. acting as a slave because one of the characters knows his/her secret, being a maid to pay off a debt or to earn money,wanting to live alone in an apartment,but then end up living with a guy instead (or in a co-ed dorm), forced to become a fiancee to off a debt, etc... Overused as these situations are, one still continues to read them because of the way these situations are presented.

This manga uses one of such premise, but it's different type of read more
May 29, 2011
Meet the main character Fujimura, who is probably the only sane person in this manga. He is a deliquent and uninterested student who has not been showing up to school.Hilarity ensues when Eri Usumi, who has a crush on Fujimura, comes to convince him to come to school as well as confessing her love for him. That really scares him off, but he hasn't even seen the beginning yet, until he enters school the second day. Classmates consisting of a guy who dresses like a roman gladiator, a girl who can't speak proper japenese (thus giving way to many opportunities for jokes),absent minded and delusional read more
May 27, 2011
I grabbed this manga because the summary attracted me and it sounded like a good psychological manga, well it sort of is and not. To be clearer I really enjoyed the first two chapters, because they built up to great suspense. But that was it, for me those chapters were the best and made me expect even more or at least the same level of suspense further. It didn't happen, the manga levelled off from there on. There really isn't one main character, but most of the manga revolves around the two hitmen. The events in the manga happened too fast without much insight read more