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Jan 4, 2019
Merc Storia is a late adaptation of an ancient mobage, and as of right now, it’s one of the most overlooked anime of the fall season. I’m writing this review so I can convince you to give a chance to what I personally feel is the best anime of this season, and one of the best animes of 2018.


So here’s the premise: in this world, people and monsters are living together peacefully. However, not all monsters have been tamed. That why healers exist, whose job is to heal those monsters’ hearts. Our protagonist, Yuu – from “yuusha”, a.k.a. hero in English - is one ...
Apr 6, 2018
Before I started Aikatsu Stars (AiStars from now on), I was kind of worried. I’ve heard from multiple places that it ruined Aikatsu, that it turns to crap at a certain point of a show, stuff like that. Since I’ve heard those things about the 2nd season of Aikatsu and I ended up very much liking it*, I said, okay, how about watching it and finding it out yourself? It was indeed a disappointment, but in a positive way. In the end, it became my favorite show of all time second only to Ichigogen, also known as the first 2 seasons of the original Aikatsu ...
Feb 1, 2017
Preliminary (109/? chp)
Disclaimer: I only picked this manga back up recently after a long period of time. My memory may not be perfect.

WataMote is a manga not to be taken lightly; if you've already been through high school or currently going through it, you'll probably have a harrowing experience. All the embarrassing situations, self-deprecation, you'll going to be reminded of. It's a comedy at heart, so don't expect any kind of drama at all.

I'm not going to go through everything in this review, instead, I'm going to concentrate on one aspect the previous reviews have skipped (due to they were written in a different time period): this ...