Feb 1, 2017
gomennasai (All reviews)
Disclaimer: I only picked this manga back up recently after a long period of time. My memory may not be perfect.

WataMote is a manga not to be taken lightly; if you've already been through high school or currently going through it, you'll probably have a harrowing experience. All the embarrassing situations, self-deprecation, you'll going to be reminded of. It's a comedy at heart, so don't expect any kind of drama at all.

I'm not going to go through everything in this review, instead, I'm going to concentrate on one aspect the previous reviews have skipped (due to they were written in a different time period): this is a manga of 3 acts - currently at least. Be advised, minor spoilers if you don't want to know about this.

What I mean is at first, you'll have Tomoko - the protagonist - driving herself into embarrassing, cringeworthy situations and have her comeuppance. I had hard time sympathizing with her, since she almost always had her own hand in her undoing. Kind of like a teenager girl version of Dick Dastardly - I'm not even kidding. Each chapter had this dynamic and it was kind of a hit or miss. You could have started it anywhere and you wouldn't have missed anything.

At chapter 46, one of Tomoko's old acquaintance is introduced. It means she starts to interact with other people in her life other than her brother Tomoki and Yuu, her "friend" from junior high. The tone of the manga changes somewhat because of that.

And there's the current act, which starts around chapter 70. The manga introduces a whole bunch of new characters. There seems to be a continuation as well. I'm not going to spoil anything beyond that, but let's just say the new characters changed the manga for the better. It was a great decision, at least from a story perspective.

I get it if this won't convince you. Going through so many chapters so you can get to the good part may not be your cup of tea and you probably value your time here. Good thing is the chapters are usually very short, no more than 10 pages. You might want to take a breath sometimes though because of all the cringe, especially at the early chapters.

Right now, at chapter 109, it stands as 8/10 with me.