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Apr 24, 2023
Suzume at its best is just its visuals. The story line is subpar with most things staying unresolved. The writing is shaky at best with no real reason given to the viewer for what is happening. There are multiple instances where something happens, and the viewer is just required to say, it is so because it is, since the movie does nothing to justify that happening. Breaking it down to parameters
1. Artwork: 8/10 The artwork is good. It is easy on the eye and definitely looks good on the big screen.
2. Music: 7/10 Music goes well with the overall theme of the movie.
3. Voice actors: ...
Mar 28, 2017
Gintama. (Anime) add
While others may argue that this season was a dip in quality I would say the very opposite. When we talk about Gintama we mostly talk about its gag part but what I like more are the story like arcs with humor and not all gag arc which seems like a filler. This season focused on that very aspect. This season of Gintama has a nice story line with each episode explaining many plot holes like why people call Katsura zura (No it is not some plain nickname, it has meaning behind it), why did Yoshida Shouyo suddenly become his beloved students enemy and it ...
Mar 19, 2017
Before you move forward and think of watching this anime, let me warn you this is not your typical anime. This is different. By no means do I mean it is bad different, it's good different.
The anime itself is paced like a book, like you are reading chapters of stages of life of Kiriyama Rei (The main character). The anime showcases the various highs and lows in his life and hence, how he develops from each of them. The basic premise of the story is that Kiriyama loses his parents at a young age and is adopted by his father's close friend who is a ...
Dec 25, 2016
Have you guys seen barakamon or Amama to Inazuma? If you have and liked them you will surely like Udon no kuni. This is the cheerful anime of this season. Getting straight to the point the anime doesn't really have an elaborate story line. One thing great about that is this anime feels complete this season alone, so no waiting for a new season and wondering if it will ever be made.
Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari is about a guy called Souta and his chance encounter with Poco who turns out to be a shape-shifting tanuki. The story progresses with Souta remembering things about ...
Dec 25, 2016
Kiss him, not me. The name suggests the series would probably be centered around Yaoi but thankfully that is not the case. The main character (female) is a fujoshi who loves pairing "ikemen" guys being hardcore at what she does. Through a miraculous weight loss she becomes the center of attention for these guys she so loves pairing. The guys try to woo her in attempts to get her to like them back.
The charm of the series lies in the fact that the female MC cannot fathom a scenario of a girl and guy dating. As I said a hardcore fujoshi she is. Despite ...
Oct 18, 2016
Shelter is more like a music video than an anime. It shows the life of a girl who for some reason is alone in the whole wide world which IS cleared in the end of the episode (Not indulging to avoid to spoilers). It is a six minute episode so I won't say the story is awesome or something but it did get me to develop a lump on my throat (It is emotional). The art and music is exceptional.

No character development whatsoever. Again a six minute thing you cannot expect character development.

However, I enjoyed watching it and definitely recommend you to too. It's only ...
Oct 7, 2016
Amaama to Inazuma is one of my favorites this season. The series is quite different from traditional anime. It's about a girl, her teacher and the teacher's daughter who through coincidences come together and start cooking things.
Although you don't see much of a character development in this anime but it is quite cheerful looking at the three working hard to cook good food and enjoy eating the same. It is quite lighthearted and easy on the eyes. I best prefer the anime because it's something that leaves you happy after watching. An anime that you would be satisfied even if it doesn't get a second ...
Sep 27, 2016
Orange (Anime) add
Ok guys I will keep this short and hope I can influence your decision of whether to watch or not watch this series.
So, Orange is a story about a really sad guy whose wife is in love with a dead person and tries to change the past to get the dead guy back while still being married and acting as if she loves him. Sad guy truly. But the writers kind of ignores the guy and shows him as somewhat of a side character. So I guess not about the sad nice guy apparently.
Anyway so the story has a time travel kind of feel to ...
Mar 2, 2015
Here is a short review from me on this beautiful series called Onegai Sensei.

I would like to start with the story. I say it is a 9. The story is about the romance a person with a disease that puts him into a near dead state for random period of time and an older women who is his teacher and an alien. Quite interesting, isn't it? Although I loved the story, one thing I felt about it was that it could have been a little more detailed. The story is slightly rushed, I would say. It could have been more intriguing is some parts were ...
Jun 22, 2014
Where should I start with this series. Uhh yeah maybe "I will like for us to be friends". One week friends quite a weird name isn't it? Well the story is about a girl whose memories get reset each Monday i.e. she loses her memories of her friends every Monday so the name does quite fit the series. Hase Yuuki the male protagonist of the series asks Fujimiya Kaori(one with the Monday face) that he would like to be friends with her. Hence, the story is basically how these two develop their friendship while battling against Fujimiya's weekly memory reset. Hase Yuuki is a cheerful ...

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