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Jun 29, 2018
The story was extremely lackluster in the end. I mean the whole Megalo Boxing aka Robotic Boxing concept was so the head of a company could show off how much more powerful her gear could be.
Are you kidding me?? She created a new form of show off her conpany’s gear.
Joe wanting / lusting for a clean & fair fight was good, but the side plot of the gear was crap. They could’ve done a side story to explain why Joe’s outcast village he’s from isn’t allowed citizenship! They brought that up & some war, but never said another thing about it.
What a waste.

The read more
Apr 15, 2018
The only people who will like this anime are people who are easily influenced or easily amused.
This anime is next to AICO on Netlfix's worst animes ever.

The art is the ONLY redeeming thing about this anime. It's a unique style of background art that's for sure. It reminded me of an old storybook & I actually liked it.
The character art is your standard cutsey art. Nothing new.
Sound. Meh. Nothing special.

The characters are dull & idiotic. We're supposed to care about these characters, but you end up just not caring because everyone is so weak & stupidly does things.
Story also falls read more
Apr 10, 2018
I LOVED this show.
I watched this show knowing NOTHING about it's manga or past anime background & was pleasantly surprised.

They did an excellent transition of making it a shock-value comedy to a dark, "realistic" anime.
Realistic as in it addressed a lot of human-issues towards the end.
And here I thought this was just a shock-value comedy because of the insane nudity & running animation.

The animation really turned me off because I hated that animation style since it was similar to that Ping Pong anime, but I got over it because the plot evolved into something phenomenal!

Sound was great. Nothing AMAZING, but it fit the read more
Apr 10, 2018
AICO was such a poorly done anime.
Classic example of a beautifully animated anime slapped onto a poor plot.
All of the characters were all annoying.
The story was thrown at the audience way too fast with all of this information & was jump-started extremely randomly.

It just sucked. It pulled a lot of elements from popular anime (you will DEFINITELY see a lot of Attack on Titan in this) which showed how creative the creators were.
A lot of anime now-a-days have turned into a cutesy copying cesspool of junk & this is one of them.

Animation can NOT save a bad plot.
I couldn't even watch this as background noise, read more
Apr 10, 2018
Violet Evergarden is basically about a girl who has PTSD from the war, but she doesn't know it yet.
She's holding back her emotions & acts like she can't understand emotions to block out what she's done from the war.
The catalyst that releases this is [1st EP SPOILER] the death of her Major whom she doesn't know is dead yet.
Through helping people by writing letters for them, she slowly shows her emotions & starts to understand how to "be a human".

This isn't a bad story at all. Is it "AMAZING, BEST ANIME OF THE YEAR" material?
But I'm sure that people who are easily amazed will read more
Apr 16, 2017
A HUUUGE mistake many have made when criticizing One Punch Man is the fact that they constantly forget that this is a COMEDY.
Unlike most action-comedies, this is ALWAYS Comedy first, Action 2nd.
This is what OPM IS. It's what MAKES it.
So when people say "Oh they were unnecessarily comedic at this part or that part", they're just being dumb in thinking this is your regular action-comedy instead of realizing it's a comedy-action lol

[Story] 8
OPM DOES has a linear story line that it follows of Saitama as he fights his way up the ranks [of the Hero Association, think of it like the ranks of read more
Mar 4, 2017
SO, this is a story set in a Steampunk-ish Edo era with human-monsters whose hearts glow & are something like a zombie-vampire hybrid who are smarter than your avg beast.

[STORY]: 5.5
What started as a very interesting story led to a very disappointing end.
The series went from a story about a world taken over by monster-turned humans, then turned into a story about saving a girl who consistently makes irrational, stupid mistakes & this rando guy & his daddy issues.
Instead of focusing on the world created & the people, it became a FAMILY drama.

They constantly change what Kanabe (the monsters) can do & what the Kanaberi read more
Mar 4, 2017
With modern anime lacking uniqueness more & more as the years go on--magical girl / stuck in video games / sports--this anime stands out in a very good way.
What starts as a typical schoolgirl anime about unrequited love for a teacher quickly turns into a tragic multi-way, unrequited love fest.
This anime is a very tasteful (gonna be using his word a lot lol) & refreshing anime to watch because, as stated before, it's different.
[STORY]: 8.5
This anime is done in a very tasteful way to introduce sex to teens & introduce a new perspective of unrequited love to all.
It does a great job at slowly introducing read more
Apr 13, 2016
ももへのてがみ is follows a girl who moves to the seaside with her mother after the death of her father.
Shortly after her arrival, she meets 3 strange gods that were sent as guardians to watch over her & her mother.

[STORY]: 7
It's an lively story with an interesting take on gods & spirits.
My problem with this story is that the comedic take on it is a little TOO comedic. There are ways to make a story lighthearted & funny without making is outrageous & I just think it was a little too much.
I'll explain more in the characters section.
The story is WAY too predictable & it's a read more
Apr 12, 2016
Whisper of the Heart is an undermined cute, dorky movie of Studio Ghibli. (Similar to Only Yesterday)
It's a very simplistic, yet intriguing plot of adolescence that inspires young girls & imagination.
I'm VERY picky with movies, even with Ghibli FIlms (No matter what I've watched, I've always & only favored Howl's Moving Castle & Spirited Away), but this definitely changed that!
This is definitely in my Top 3 Fav. Ghibli films.

The story can definitely stand on it's own without the minimal love drama that happened between her & her friend's crush, BUT I think that little add on built the story.
It built the read more