Mar 4, 2017
floecity (All reviews)
SO, this is a story set in a Steampunk-ish Edo era with human-monsters whose hearts glow & are something like a zombie-vampire hybrid who are smarter than your avg beast.

[STORY]: 5.5
What started as a very interesting story led to a very disappointing end.
The series went from a story about a world taken over by monster-turned humans, then turned into a story about saving a girl who consistently makes irrational, stupid mistakes & this rando guy & his daddy issues.
Instead of focusing on the world created & the people, it became a FAMILY drama.

They constantly change what Kanabe (the monsters) can do & what the Kanaberi (monster-human hybrids) can do, making Kanaberi basically invincible.
I get that MC's are usually invincible, but the amt of times he's survived from these crazy situations is just crazy.

The enemy's objective is pointless & their leader has no real reason to have any followers, but they do anyways.

REALLY, REALLY sucks too because this anime had SO much potential!

[ART]: 10
The animation was absolutely fantastic!
They definitely spared no expenses in animating this.
It's on par with movie animation, great quality.
Wish more anime were able to be animated like this.
One thing that bothered me the ENTIRE series was the fact that the main character remained to look like some kind of Frankenstein char w/ his hair & skin discoloration just for the sake of making it obvious that he's "different" or "special".
Honestly, it annoyed me because there's 2 other hybrids who don't look like that at all. Even IF the MC made himself like that by accident, he still shouldn't look THAT different lol

[SOUND]: 7
It was alright. The OP & ED were just eh.
Nothing fantastic, nothing.
They definitely attempt to use the music & sound to make a char have a more dramatic effect when they're giving a speech, but it doesn't help.
It just falls flat lol
ie EP 3 the music gets dramatic & it zooms in on the char when he's saying s/t to convince the people why he's not dangerous, it's supposed to be inspirational or whatever, but imo it doesn't help when the words are kinda basic & flat

[CHAR]: 4
I didn't like any of them. Maybe the Princess chick, but just barely.
If any of the main char had died, I would've been like "Ok, next."
They're just all so stupid lmao
But you know what, as stupid as they are they're kind of realistic.
I truly believe that real people would be this reckless & stupid xD
Maybe not THIS stupid, but pretty close.
Let's be honest, humans are irrational beings who try their best to do the right thing & make numerous mistakes along the way.

Overall, it was an enjoyable pastime between my studies.
I would rate it a 6 or a 6.5, but I wanted to level out the 1 Star ratings.
I mean cmon man.
The animation should've bumped you up to a 3 regardless of how shitty you thought it was.
I've seen bad anime that deserved 1's & this is NOT it.