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Nov 8, 2021
This manga was extremely disappointing.

The synopsis on the back cover reads, “[this tale explores] the nature of personal expression and the fluidity of the power of love.” And what a surface-level exploration it is.

The first half of Boy Meets Maria is rather trite. The narrative in this section revolves mainly around Taiga, which is its biggest problem. He just isn’t compelling in the slightest because he doesn’t feel like a real person. He’s overconfident to an irritating degree and shows very little depth beyond that. The story attempts to explain his shallowness as a trauma response, but it just isn’t believable. The explanation is read more
Sep 25, 2021
If you thought the pacing in Season 1 was bad, wait until you get a load of this garbage.

Magia Record Season 2 is...incomprehensibly awful. I’m glad that some viewers were able to enjoy this season, but I absolutely did not.

Nearly the entire second half of the mobile game’s story is condensed into these 8 episodes. It’s a complete frankenstein of a narrative, especially when taking into account the anime-original plotlines. Season 2 presents such a freakish amalgamation of plot threads and character arcs that it best serves as an example of how not to adapt a story.

Since so much is being squeezed into these read more
Jun 25, 2021
Oh boy. This was disappointing.

“The World Ends With You” is my favourite Nintendo DS game, so I was stoked when I heard that there would be an anime adaptation. The game oozes style, brims with uniqueness, and tells a touching story about human vulnerability. But considering that adaptations of video game stories have the tendency to be underwhelming, I did my best to lower my expectations...but damn, I should have lowered them further.

The pacing of the show is all over the place. The narrative burns through instances of potential character development and stubbornly lingers on moments of meandering. Shiki and Rhyme are really only in read more
Jun 24, 2021
Fairy Ranmaru is a camptastic anime filled with nonsense and absurdity. It was trash and I loved it!

Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way: the story and characters leave a lot to be desired. This is not a “conventionally good” show that can be enjoyed in conventional ways. If you’re looking for tight writing and intricate characters, Fairy Ranmaru will not meet your expectations.

It follows the typical, trope-heavy “monster of the week” format that most fans of the “magical girl” genre will recognize. The episodic formula is extremely repetitive, especially in the latter half of the show where there’s very little variety. read more
May 22, 2021
As a huge fan of Atsuko Yusen’s previous English-language release, “Dekoboko Sugar Days,” I jumped at the chance to read this new manga. I went in with high expectations, but ended up feeling pretty lukewarm about it.

Please don’t get the wrong idea, “This Wonderful Season With You” is still above-average for a BL story. It’s tightly written, well-paced, and the characters lean away from the more uncomfortable tropes that permeate through the genre. I just feel like it didn’t quite reach the heights of Dekoboko, though it is still an extremely enjoyable manga in its own right.

Dekoboko’s main couple were interesting because they felt unique; read more
May 8, 2021
“Versailles no Bara Gaiden,” consists of a side story called “The Countess in Black,” as well as four side stories collectively known as “The Great Detective Loulou.” Each story takes place around the time that the Black Knight appears in the original manga.

I’m actually really impressed by these side stories! They have a very different feel compared to the original manga; it seems as though Riyoko Ikeda had more creative freedom since she wasn’t bound by a need for historical accuracy. While the main story of “The Rose of Versailles” has a melodramatic, romantic tone, the atmosphere of the side stories bounces between comedic and read more
May 7, 2021
I became interested in reading The Rose of Versailles manga a few years ago after finishing the anime, only to discover that it wasn’t legally available to read in English! Finally, though, Udon Entertainment finished publishing their (needlessly expensive) hardcover editions, and I’ve managed to complete my readthrough!

I really enjoyed reading The Rose of Versailles. It feels like a grand, romantic tale, featuring melodrama and stellar artwork in abundance. It’s easy to grasp the massive mark that this series has had on the Shoujo genre; the characters feel their emotions with such intensity, and every shifting mood is highlighted by sudden rays of light and read more
Feb 3, 2021
“That Blue Sky Feeling” had a lot of things going for it at the outset; a fat lead character whose weight isn’t constantly mocked, the foundation for a nuanced examination of sexuality, and the potential to be one of the most wholesome and accessible BL stories ever. Unfortunately, the manga seems to sabotage itself at every turn, and by the end I was left disappointed and dissatisfied.

First of all, the story drags out far too much. Noshiro and Sanada should have come to terms with their feelings in volume 2, leaving the final volume to explore their relationship dynamic further and give them some real read more
Dec 26, 2020
I’m a little confused with the praise this movie is receiving. The music and animation are out of this world, but that isn’t enough to save the odd character writing and tonal issues.

(Spoilers ahead!)

My memory might be a bit foggy since I watched the first season of Made In Abyss three years ago, but I don’t remember it being so tonally dissonant. In the movie, the characters go through horrible, traumatic experiences, but then discuss how “fun” adventuring is. At the end of the movie we get a scene of Riko crying over Prushka, who’s been cut up and shoved inside a case, and then read more
Nov 2, 2020
This manga is pointless.

The story takes place twenty years after Utena’s revolution, but that doesn’t really matter.

There’s hardly any insight into how the lives of the student council members have changed. All of their stories begin with them almost immediately going back to Ohtori academy or getting drawn into a vision. They each have a meaningless duel, and then they...change? Somehow? It doesn’t really matter because their stories each get cut off soon after their duels are over.

Though Utena and Anthy are on the cover of this manga, don’t expect to see much of them. The council members don’t even remember them, so they read more