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Nov 15, 2020
Readers looking for an age gap yuri manga will probably be dissatisfied with this series, because the relationship between our main characters Haru and Midori isn't portrayed as romantic. But don't let that dissuade you from reading it.

Instead, while platonic, the relationship between the two is intriguingly complicated and unusual. Tsugumi was Midori's first and only love who Midori hadn't spoken to since they were 15, and Haru is Tsugumi's only daughter who she raised as a single mother without the support of her own family. At Tsugumi's funeral, after it becomes clear that nobody from the family is willing to take the orphaned read more
Nov 13, 2020
Mao Marimo does a few things different in comparison to your average gender bender manga. Unfortunately, this does not save it from being entirely mediocre.

The Good: Instead of the series being a comedy about our main character Mao failing to adjust to femininity, she takes to it right away and decides that she is fine with being a girl if that is what fate has in store for her. Most everyone else takes positively to the change, too - with the exception of Mao's childhood friend Jiu, and Mao's twin sister Ako, who both initially want "her" to be a "him" again. This sort of read more
Nov 8, 2020
Ahhh, body swapping. That tired old cliché that has been done hundreds of times in manga. Usually, we get a cheap laugh or two about the characters' failures at keeping up their façade around their family and friends, maybe a couple ecchi situations for the unsuspecting boy stuck in a girl's body, and a hackneyed romantic development to wrap things up before everything goes back to normal. And so begins this manga: with an elementary school boy and girl who swapped bodies after falling out of a tree and banging their heads together.

Given how well-trodden and mediocre the trope it builds its premise around read more
Oct 23, 2020
Right off the bat, there's one thing that needs to be said upfront about this series: its main character is a lolicon, and the story is about the line she walks between friendship and infatuation with a 4th grade girl. Most people will probably choose to ignore it based on that sentence alone. But what if I told you that against all odds this manga is a work of art that handles its theme with tact and maturity? Would you reconsider?

I've never read anything quite like Yuzumori-san, but I have to say, I loved every second of it. It's like the inverse of every other read more
May 15, 2020
Adachi and Shimamura is, simply put, yuri's masterpiece - if not perhaps one of the greatest romance series to grace light novels as a medium. It is a shame that it remains little known and that most people come to the series by way of the incomplete anime and manga adaptations, which fail to grasp most of the nuance and introspection from the novels. Do yourself a favour and read this, even if light novels aren't usually what you opt for. It's just that good.

-Characters- 10/10

The main duo are the highlight of this series, and certainly some of the best written and most relatable out read more
Mar 6, 2019
I was surprised to see there's anything Sailor Moon left on MAL that nobody has reviewed, so I thought I'd do a quick write-up. The long and short of it is that this is worth watching, especially if you happened to want to see more of Uranus and Neptune, but it's also skip-able and has no important plot points.

Originally airing after episode 4 of SuperS, this 1 hour TV special is broken into three 16 minute mini episodes. The first is a simple recap episode of the three seasons prior and you can essentially skip it, it has no new material besides Usagi and Luna's read more
Nov 20, 2018
I'll just start by saying this: I've never seen any media, manga or otherwise, deal with trans youth as well as this series. The messy, confusing and difficult nature of handling the transition through puberty as a sexual minority is handled here with nothing held back, characters are not locked into stereotypes but grow and change as they mature to the point where they are scarcely recognizable by the series' end. If that premise alone interests you it is a must-read. That being said I will stop short of calling it a masterpiece due to some issues with the way the plot progresses and is read more
Jan 19, 2018
While a bit underdeveloped plot-wise, Not Lives is a fun read with a unique take on the concept of being stuck in a game - a tough thing to do in a genre which has been done so many times. The art is stellar, the fight scenes are fun, but you won't find yourself too engrossed in the story or attached to the characters. All in all I give it a 7/10 - if you're looking for a light read in the isekai genre, it's enjoyable even if it's not deep, and worth a read.

Story: 6/10

With the amount of manga out there having the concept read more
Dec 20, 2017
SAO is a series you either love or hate, and remains one of the more divisive anime out there. I personally love it - while recognizing the reasons why others do not. That being said, even those critical of SAO will want to give Ordinal Scale a watch. It's a breath of fresh air to SAO, with greatly improved action content and development/screentime more evenly distributed among the series' characters.

Story: 7/10
The switch from VR to AR is interesting, especially since we get to see the characters struggle to adapt to "real life" combat and the blending of the virtual and real worlds. The plot is read more