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Apr 17, 2023
In the opening act of the final episode of the 1st season, we see the Yuru Camp girls all grown up, with Rin arriving on her grandpa's motorcycle and Aki taking on the mantle of Miss Chug. Everything looks realistic until the punch line where Nadeshiko arrives on a rocket-powered tent. "Hey, maybe this is how we'll end up in 10 years?" "BS." Evidently someone saw this and said, "Hold that thought. No, not the rocket tent, that's absurd."

You get a taste of what the research and animation teams are capable of when the film starts with Shochiku's towering Mt. Fuji signature card and fades ...
Dec 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Game-based productions aren't anything new. If they're any good, they can be like Fate/stay Night or Clannad; done poorly, well, there's no shortage of terrible Hollywood movies based on popular games, which should say something about Hollywood writing.

Here's a TL;DR: People who have played the game will appreciate the expanded backstory for the Jumi, but they may be put off by some plot decisions made by the writers. For those who have not, some elements will likely be a distraction from enjoying the series. As someone who has played and enjoyed the original game, I don't regret watching this, but I do hesitate to recommend ...
Feb 23, 2022
I'll keep this brief. Afro is about as insane as any manga artist gets, and the first half of the bonus episode is a Twilight Zone spoof, which is so right up his alley, he probably wrote the scenario for C-Station. And of course Aoi is the host.

The first scene was fascinating if a little unrealistic; it would be peak glamping if they shipped your gear to the campsite for cheap, including one of your friends in the improvised cold weather sleeping bag/box.

The second scene was right on the edge of funny and outrageous, a bit of a "what if a dystopian regime decided to ...
Feb 23, 2022
The Yuusha de Aru canon is surprisingly big. There are several different light novel series focusing on different eras and character groups chronologically beginning in the AD era, 300 years before the events of YuYuYu. Additionally because of the limited length of the stories involved, it is quite hard to create a spinoff series based on another team other than the 2 that Togo Mimori / Washio Sumi were a part of. They were able to keep the momentum going just enough to release 3 feature films and later 6 TV episodes for WaSuYu, but it might be a very different story for the other ...
Dec 30, 2021
Not long before the Blu-Ray release of episode 3, Bandai Visual released a teaser (first 10 minutes?) on YouTube, continuing the heavy action of the second round battle thus far. This teaser showed Chihatan clearly trying to isolate the Panzer IV from the rest of the team, which makes tactical sense as it's the brains of the operation and one of the strongest tanks in the team. But having knocked out Ooarai's 3 heaviest tanks (Mk IV, B1 bis, Porsche Tiger), Chihatan's mobility advantage is diminshed, making the odds more even. I predicted that if they focused too much on the Panzer IV (which wasn't ...
Dec 30, 2021
Perhaps in a nod to the long time between episodes, the production begins with a brief recap and comedy skit with team Turtle and the BC captain. Then after an updated opening title, we begin right where the last episode left off, with Ooarai having barely survived a brilliant trap set by the BC girls. But our heroes are at least as crafty, and the match ends just like you'd expect, complete with the stereotypical circular firing squad (and I've said too much already). There's a fantastic backstory to the BC team, which is fleshed out in a bonus episode that comes with the Blu-ray.

The ...
Nov 17, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
Yet another foray into the Isekai genre. I swear I've seen like 15 isekai trailers this year alone. I know they're desperate for content, but yikes.

This one looked promising, cutesy characters (Kana Hanazawa AKA Nogi Sonoko's actress), interesting premise of "least popular kid in school becomes best hero", and overall looked fun.

What I saw instead was a Saturday morning kids' cartoon, except clearly aimed at teenage boys considering some of the fanservice and harem flags. Instead of telling a thought-provoking story we have events happening because Plot and all kinds of silly shortcuts like some rando at school teleporting everyone to another world because Reasons. ...
Nov 1, 2021
I binged an isekai series because of CrunchyRoll's YouTube clips, number 3: Bofuri

I remarked that this is like a complete newbie to Dungeons and Dragons kept asking ridiculous questions and kept rolling natural 20s. "Hey, can I eat the poison dragon?" "Well, let's see here, roll for initiative... 20. Roll for damage... 20. Saving throw vs. poison... 20. Let's switch dice... 20. You know what, you're immune to poison."

Now, I hate MMOs, because I just want to play a game and have fun, not interact with potential trolls, griefers, and stalkers. So I completely understand our heroine getting the toughest shields possible and dumping all ...
Nov 1, 2021
I binged an isekai series because of CrunchyRoll's YouTube clips, number 2: Slime300

Back when games were much simpler, you could theoretically level all the way to the maximum just by whacking slimes in the starting area. It would take you forever, of course, because each slime only yielded 1 experience point. Intrepid electronic engineers could nowadays hook up a microcontroller and some transistors to the controller's buttons and have a machine learning model actually play the game in the starting area until the character's maxed out, which would honestly feel too much like a chore. So that in a nutshell is the premise of this ...
Nov 1, 2021
In February 2019, a sequel series was announced for the hit anime Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, a mashup of isekai fantasy, comedy, and slice-of-life with solid themes of family and society. The premise almost reads like an otaku wishlist: What if a dragon turned into a buxom maid and lived in modern Japan? The answer, of course, is a lot of slapstick, boob jiggle, and Kobayashi talking sense into all-powerful mythical beasts.

Then on July of that year, the main office of Kyoto Animation was attacked, killing the director, Yasuhiro Takemoto, among several others, in the middle of what was presumably preproduction.

It could not have been easy ...

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