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Mar 26, 2015
Toko Ghoul Root A... Where shall I start from?

Most people didn't get the Root A analogy: A is for Aogiri Tree, the antagonists and Tree have roots, so it wouldn't take you many neurones to guess the rest.

Now, as a fan who has read the manga, I must judge this animation.

Root A is an insensitive piece of trash. If you have read the manga and are planning to watch this anime, I would advice you to back off at this point cuz you're going to hurt yourself. Everything seems wrong since the first episode, as one of the gorest moment of the story, the 103 read more
Mar 18, 2015
As I am a adept of mystery anime and gore stuff I was looking forward a lot to this OVA, especially after this delicious book of Circus. If I gotta say something now, it would be UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT storywise.

I like to predict plots and event in anime before they happen and see of things will go how I planned it or they will be innovative. This OVA went perfectly as I planned, nothing too mysterious nor threatening, I predicted the whole thing since I saw the picture on MAL and it happened what did happen. Too many clichés but it was still Kuroshitsuji-style. There was read more