Mar 18, 2015
djfred8 (All reviews)
As I am a adept of mystery anime and gore stuff I was looking forward a lot to this OVA, especially after this delicious book of Circus. If I gotta say something now, it would be UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT storywise.

I like to predict plots and event in anime before they happen and see of things will go how I planned it or they will be innovative. This OVA went perfectly as I planned, nothing too mysterious nor threatening, I predicted the whole thing since I saw the picture on MAL and it happened what did happen. Too many clichés but it was still Kuroshitsuji-style. There was quite some fanservice for both genders but don't worry, it's not abused like in *hum* FT *hum*

Otherwise everything else was good, don't expect anything too fancy from this than from a normal Kuroshitsuji episode. In the end it didn't leave me a bad taste in my mind, but I gotta say this OVA does do its job of "concluding" the Book of Circus Arc in a way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, go and see it now if you haven't.

-From an 18 y/o detective