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Apr 3, 2016
TL;DR version
Felt like it followed the unspoken formula for good modern anime, but with extremely good execution plot-wise.
As confusing as it as first, it all comes together at the end for a satisfying conclusion.

Gah! Another one of those endings that makes me wish I had friends!

An interesting story, where going in knowing nothing makes it more enjoyable. Quit reading past the synopsis! that's all you need to enjoy this anime!

The story starts off at a relatively quick pace, and then gains more speed all the way to the conclusion. This twelve episode anime is perfectly packed in the most satisfying way in regard to read more
Mar 26, 2016
So I liked this show a lot, but it's a niche kind of show. You'll either love it or think it's mediocre at best.

If there's any way to describe this show without specific examples, I'd have to say it's a well executed show full of tropes that we all want to see more of. It's really detailed at some points in regards to jargon, but kind of runs over others.

It doesn't really focus on just one character, it focuses on the ensemble as a whole. every character gets an episode or two to them self, except for like, that maintenance guy, but whatevs.

It has a read more
Mar 21, 2016
So much goes to waste in this anime.
While I understand that there's really not much to go off of, the problems of this show are still obvious. The pacing is weird, characters suddenly pop in and out, and a lot of plot points are buried in the easy-going rhythm of the show.
The females dialogue all sound like background characters who don't even have names, the club the MC is in didn't even name two of the three characters in it, the MC has a little brother with like three lines in the entire show that I forgot about for like six episodes, and one read more
Dec 8, 2011
This anime follows the manga very closely.

Sora no Otoshimono is a romantic comedy, also known as a romcom. Of it's genre, it stands out from the crowd in that the jokes are actually funny and the ecchi isn't over the top, yet it still falls prey to flat characters and a storyline which lacks a bit.

Ecchi is like the topping on a hot dog, it's not the main attraction but it certainly adds flavor. While some series sacrifice all else for ecchi, Sora no Otoshimono moderates itself (just a little bit). It's not a (huge) distraction, which is good.

The characters are pretty flat. The read more
Dec 3, 2011
Let's start off with the basics.
Art's on the cover, music's pretty mediocre, protagonists are slightly developed while everyone else is really shallow (but still hilarious).

The ending to an anime is usually either good or bad. This particular series is more of an in between, only because the ending didn't give enough of an ending. It's too subtle. The loose ends that should have been tied up nearly choked me to death. I was very confused and bothered. Time traveling in anime does that.

You could easily cut out the middle episodes, middle meaning 3 to 11. While there was some character development between read more
Nov 21, 2011
Yes, it is code geass clone.

The show feels like code geass had sex with gundam seed, and the resulting child hung out with evangelion and to aru majutsu no index in Middle school.

I'm fine with the fact that it's a code geass clone, but the main- he's like another freaking shinji ikari. Like, seriously. Some more subtle similarities: There's a crippled kallen, a swig out of bakuretsu tenshi's cyber-loli after a few years, and then a bad play on renton/euruka/holland A La eureka seven with shinji as renton, lacusclyneXreiayanami's odd fusion as eureka, and gai as holland.

The whole thing reeks of WTF storyline, read more
Sep 30, 2011
The original premise of the story was set up in a way that it could be taken in little bits, basically a bunch of different cases which the protagonist could solve and then be done with. However, after a few of these cases the series takes a turn and begins an arc which spans the rest of the series. Personally I felt like at that point it started to become another generic fight manga where two people take turns slugging it out until one passes out. the story doesn't really have much to offer actually, and there's not enough tension in the end.
The story, art, read more
Dec 20, 2010
THis series feels like a serious seinen manga with a typical shounen harem up front to bait lonely teenage boys.
Well it sure as hell got me.
It starts off with a bit of innocence, then adds a bit of blood then adds a bit of nipple and then blam. dude 's shaggin his secretary. It's practically (basically) hentai. So hey, if you're into that kind thing check chap57pg25, there's a nice picture there for you.

Thing is, this manga looks like a bug that the mangaka couldn't squish. It just went wild until the end. What I mean is it's
SO DISORGANIZED!!But it was good, so yeah.
It goes read more
Apr 8, 2010
This early manga has a bit of a dated feel to it, and you immediately think of the early 90's. After introducing the main characters, the story began to roll by and a comfortable pace. I'd have to say that this is one of the few times when I didn't notice the evolving storyline, which is always a good thing. The characters are all designed to work with each others personalities and there aren't all too many "minor" characters.
I'd have to say that the main theme of Living game would probably be making decisions in life, hence the name living game. It's mostly read more