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Sep 1, 2016
Poor production ... probably due to funding. Many of the scenes are deliberately slow or repeated to use up time. Done in FS instead of widescreen.

Slow paced. Thin characters. Dreary overall mood. Another show where you never get to know what's happening, but have to tolerate a dozen episodes just to get the gist of how this world works and why.

Feels more like an early 90's series than 2004. I expected much better for a post 2000 era anime.

*** UPDATE *** (some insights, but I don't think any are spoilers)

Okay, so I finished this. read more
Aug 30, 2016
Fun show to watch about a girl and a boy's curiosity about her drool. He secretly tries some and has an addiction towards it. It passes into a fantasy plot line where they share a drool relationship that allows people who taste her drool to 'bond' in a empathetic/telepathic sense.

Essentially this is a fun show to watch. It moves quickly and has such a unique premise that's kind of queer and bizarrely-humorously fascinating. There's a bit of a learning curve to things, but not so much that you feel lost, more like curious as to how the next-thing is going to read more
Aug 30, 2016
Someone else put it best and their comment was the one that incited me to watch this. After the drudgery of anime shows that want you to 'figure' out what the hell is going on "Ushio to Tora," doesn't play into that stupid and annoying trend where you have to watch half the series or more just to know what the hell is going on!

The characters are great. Often humorous, but with a serious side that allows the series to continue on in a nice forward progressing dramatic fashion. There's a touch of romance, comedy, drama and even some tragedy that must read more
Aug 28, 2016
The story had potential, but you find yourself despising the protagonist, Tomo. And if you can't enjoy or even like the main character, then the whole thing is doomed to failure. Everything else is just standard anime fair and not an issue, but Tomo isn't just pathetic, he's an apathetic excuse for a character! His annoying-whiny-uselessness is only overshadowed by his idiotic acceptance of everything; he doesn't even have the wit to ask relevant questions. By the end of the second season, I'd completely lost hope for any redeeming quality and was just trying to get to the end; some read more