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Oct 13, 2015
What makes a great story? At least for me, a huge part of it is character development. Seeing imperfect characters and watching them mature, grow, overcome obstacles both within and without, and becoming stronger, wiser and kinder as a result. While you might not expect this kind of spiel to come out for a wacky comedy slice of life show, Working!!! is quite the special snowflake: a charming blend of lovable characters, hilarious interactions and an incredibly satisfying resolution.

For those unaware: Working! is a comedy slice of life that revolves around a group of mostly part-time workers at a family restaurant. As expected, the read more
Apr 10, 2011
So, usually I think it's kind of pointless to review a series after just having watched one episode... but it makes some sense for a show like this one. I say that, because I get the feeling that you will probably know whether you will enjoy 'Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san' if you watch the first episode.

Basically, if you laughed several times like a maniac, then the show's probably right for you. If you instead scratched your head in confusion, grimaced in disgust or was rendered speechless from indignation - then it probably won't be a series you'll enjoy.

'Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san' is a gag show. read more
Jun 22, 2010
'Working!!' is flawed. If I had to guess, a lot of people will lose interest and move on after trying a few episodes. This is because your enjoyment of 'Working!!' will almost entirely depend on whether you enjoy seeing its various characters interact. In fact, I'm very glad that the opening song is so damn addictive - because that's the reason I stuck with the show long enough for it to actually begin growing on me.

For better or worse, 'Working!!' introduces its characters slowly and gradually. Better, because getting to know these people feels very organic and natural, and worse, because in the beginning, read more
May 13, 2010
I have to admit that I first started watching Angel Beats because of two main reasons: the pretty visuals, and the presence of guitars. But once I began watching the show in earnest, I found a lot more here than I expected. Angel Beats is a show that keeps me guessing, and consistently tugs at strings I didn't know existed until they were pulled.

Basically, Angel Beats is about an afterlife in which a group of dead students refuse to 'move on' to the next life, because they have some sort of peace to make with the world and themselves. There's a unique mix of read more