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Nov 17, 2019
It's been over a year and no one has bothered to review this so far, so I'll drop this out there for anyone who is curious.

This is yet another comfy slice-of-life from the same mangaka who did Pastel and Parallel. If you use those as a starting point, add some maturity and remove some silliness, you'll have a pretty good idea what to expect here.

A young schoolteacher moves to a rural island to escape some unpleasant memories in the big city. He ends up living alone with the teenaged daughter of his senpai for "reasons" and begins to settle into his new life surrounded by read more
Nov 16, 2019
The hot chicks look like a harem. They are not a harem. The MC looks like a loser-kun. He is an educational ninja. The mean girls look evil. The ... well, yeah, they are pretty bad, but they have their own issues, so there's that. What I'm trying to get at is that this manga is a trope-buster. Just about everything is flipped from what you'd expect. And that is a very good thing.

The MC is a plain-looking self-proclaimed virgin and that set's the table for the biggest expectation subversion. As you read on, you find he is actually a smart, crafty professional. He is read more
Nov 9, 2019
To be honest, I almost didn't make it past chapter 6. The interactions between the MCs were pretty brutal, and other reviews describing this as a story about sadomasochism or co-dependent bullying appeared to be spot on. Not really my thing.

At some point, however, I thought I might be detecting a more subtle theme. The more I read, the FMCs actions seemed less about bullying to inflate a predator's ego and more about (harsh) *teasing* to bridge an awkward gap. She didn’t want to *hurt* the guy – She was just genuinely intrigued by him and, as a 14-15-year-old kid very sensitive to social hierarchy, read more
Nov 4, 2019
This is a preliminary review because there aren't any other ones and I think this manga deserves some attention. It should be ignored once we have more chapters and in-depth reviews.

This is something of a love-letter to Hokkaido (something like Japan's version of Michigan's Upper Peninsula) wrapped up in a High-School RomCom. At least that's what it is so far. The MC is an overly earnest boy from Tokyo in a fish-out-of-water role. He's a little prim, but not the usual loser-kun found in these mangas. The initial FMC is a bold and bubbly girl with a big heart who helps him get his feet read more
Oct 29, 2019
Pastel (Manga) add (All reviews)
Beware: As of October 29th, 2019, this Manga has not received an updated translation in about a year and a half. It currently has 153/219 chapters completed. Furthermore, it should be noted that of chapters I've read and previewed, maybe three of them contain anything resembling plot progression. The pacing of this "romance" stretched the boundary of real human tolerance.

That said, this is an enjoyable comedy, filled with harmless ecci fun. The art is great, and the characters are (reasonably) sympathetic. Read this like a "Slice of Life", and not like a "Romance", and you might be happy. This is for people who are looking read more
Oct 26, 2019
I haven't written any reviews before, but I felt compelled to write this one because I want other people to read this. I want other mangakas to study it.

One of the forum posts said this was so light, it felt like air. I'd agree. If there was a "No Drama" tag, it would be applied here. I'm not sure I've seen anything like this. It's just two normal, imperfect people finding each other without being idiots about it.

I went into this with the hope that it would wash the taste of a few dramatic bad-ending mangas out of my mouth. I'm smiling now.