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Days: 103.6
Mean Score: 6.89
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  • Episodes6,287
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Gakuen Babysitters
Gakuen Babysitters
9 hours ago
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
Yesterday, 11:19 AM
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
Overlord II
Overlord II
Apr 19, 11:27 AM
Watching 1/13 · Scored -
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Days: 77.2
Mean Score: 7.10
  • Total Entries172
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  • Chapters13,903
  • Volumes1,539
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Goblin Slayer Gaiden: Year One
Goblin Slayer Gaiden: Year One
Yesterday, 8:07 PM
Reading 10/? · Scored -
Yesterday, 8:01 PM
Reading 555/? · Scored -
Imawa no Kuni no Alice
Imawa no Kuni no Alice
Yesterday, 2:29 AM
Reading 1/87 · Scored -


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Iizbakaokay Apr 19, 9:04 AM
yep, and it's kind of nice to see that it was
Lethal_Potato05 Apr 18, 8:00 AM
HAHA. We're irresistible aren't we?
come back soon bb
Iizbakaokay Apr 18, 1:24 AM
There are still many left. I'll complete them slowly. I had my viva today, it was amazingly bad.
Lethal_Potato05 Apr 15, 9:10 AM
What now ?
Bored of dixcord?
zeb89 Apr 13, 2:33 PM
Yeah it is really my favourite genre
I also thought about putting the movie in my favorites but i didn't for two reasons in particular
The first is aria the origination and 3-gatsu no lion 2 that I really loved (although even aria is a little different from the manga which is without doubt better)
The second is the manga of akira, so i thought the film is a masterpiece but the manga is one of the best masterpiece in Japan history­čĄö
Loveop Apr 13, 7:41 AM

To make matters office has shifted to a new place!! The one advertised as the largest working space in Asia!! this one though the place is awesome af..the travelling is mindblowingly amazing!! I could finish a 2 cour show in a week travelling via Cab..XD (Hey maybe that is a good thing though..XD)

Everybody has that mindset when they are starting off their careers or planning for it!! In a way it would be a good thing if you can start of at a place that is less laid back and more hard labour..cuz from my experience that is very helpful once you progress in your career!!

Ahh..i see lol..XD

No..even when I was clearing my backlog of anime..I was reading manga simultaneously..not a day goes by without me reading at least 1 manga chapter!! Hell i put myself to sleep reading some calm manga or some funny 4 koma..though that is a bad habit I developed..XD
But I agree that concentrating on one thing might not be that great a experience in the end!!

I love these kinda manga..and tbh I need a right mindset to read those..if I start reading those things casually I would surely end up hating it..XD

Well I think the manga kinda hit the peak for me during that Aogiri Raid aka the Island Arc!!! Post that..though it was good..I would say it kinda was moving little by little towards its doom!! The exact point that I thought it went downhill or more so that I started hating the manga was when that Timeskip happened post the weeding!! From that point on it has just been a painful experience for me!! The rating that shows up currently in my list is mainly for the current Arcs though and not for the manga as a whole!! (Rule #128 of my rating system..all the weekly ongoing manga except 4 komas and the ones I have rated a 10 would be rated according to how I am liking the current Arc or current phase of the manga)
What is your opinion on the current Arc??

I will..just 12 more episodes to go..:3

Yeh I did..I marathoned the first 2 movies the day before and went for the final was a quite a good movie imo and did live up in a way to its hype..though maybe not the best was a a great watch indeed!!
Did you watch this one?? Dont want to go any deeper cuz I dont want to spoil something..XD
snip-snip Apr 12, 1:20 PM
hueh >.> fun indeed .-. got so much shiz to redo on and stuff :/ college nu good ;-; classes end in 2 weeks and waow only a quarter of ze portion covered in some theory subject .-. loads of submissions and shiz piled up much me is die rip

yesh yesh gintamaaa >.< me reading berserk naow ouo looks goodo, just started it though, lezee

idli is always wowza with spicy curry eeeeeeeee neber eber forget to try them southie food if ye ever come down south >.<

nuuuuuuuuu it going so goood damn me feels like watching ze next ep but I dunno when to watch it with so much stuff happening irl ;-; damn Johan boi ._. he sooo ebil and manipulative much like daaaamn how even
zeb89 Apr 11, 5:58 AM
Quite every time, like this, I just give a look at the favorites and if like them, at least 2 or 3, I send the friend request.

Anyway I found you through friends of yours; thus it's simply a coincidence
Frostbytes Apr 10, 3:05 AM
ikr :/
Lethal_Potato05 Apr 9, 3:01 PM
bruh you like dead af
Iizbakaokay Apr 9, 10:26 AM
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa soon. Don't remind me of them.
Loveop Apr 6, 8:31 AM

I really dont use my laptop after work tbh..I do have access..but after sitting on the laptop (company one..Flipkart ftw)..for a whole day at work it is a pain to come home and open my personal laptop and sit in front of it..I have regressed to the point where I am watching anime on mobile too cuz I am too lazy to sit with my laptop!!
Well they have a lot of issues that need the app is probably gonna be a little dodgy in the near future too!!

Well as you said..if at the end of the day you're getting the job done then nobody is gonna care about your laziness..good thing if you can do that with your work life too..XD

That day will come eventually..and I promise it is a great experience..well maybe there is another stage..I have not evolved to that yet..XD..which stage are you at??

Yeh..more that the anime the manga had a big implication that he might have been dying and he was just enjoying out his last few days to the fullest..but that is only one of the many interpretations..people just wanna add some kinda sorrow to how those conspiracies theories float around with Tom and Jerry dying in the last episode of the show and so many other conspiracies in relation to cartoons..XD
I have not..I have successful cleared most of my anime backlog and am now in the mood to clear some from the manga end I will start it post my successful effort to clear them manga backlogs!!
Ahh..i see!!

Ohh its the same director as Ex Machina..that seems promising!! Was the conclusion kinda ambiguous or something for this one??

I gave the 2nd season a was way too good to give any less than that!! I already loved the 1st season and this one was even better!!

Lenny face aside..Killing Bites was a really entertaining watch had all the ingredients for a over the top ecchi and it delivered with that!! It had yuri, fanservice, some great OST and somewhat of a plot to carry it till the end!!

Well Mitsuboshi doesnt bring anything new to the is pretty much our tried and tested formula..but it makes it fun nevertheless..which makes it a recommendation in the end!!

>The hammer has been struck. The truth has been laid!
Ohh God man..this current arc is awful was already leading to its doom since quite some time..but shit..this arc is the epitome of shittiness..the magnum opus of mediocrity..I am always awestruck as to how bad it gets week over week!! I will be honest..I did like this manga till about the early 100 chapters..but since a certain happening post a particular is going down the spiral like a free fall..and it is not even the good kinda shitty..I mean like how FT was bad..but it was bad in a ridiculous hilarious way..this is just plain irritating..the only good thing left is the edgy art..besides that I have no justification as to why I am reading this one..XD
Frostbytes Apr 5, 9:33 AM
2/5 year
Iizbakaokay Apr 5, 4:10 AM
Another moe anime. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. nah, I'll not mark it probably.
Iizbakaokay Apr 3, 8:07 AM
The new girl is pretty hot as well. Hajime was her name iirc. Yeah, thinking if I should do something special for my 500th chink cartoon or nah. Probably won't, I don't want to mark my degeneracy. I had Tari Tari DLed so yeah that goes first. Plus, I need to overcome my moeverload and I had to pick another SoL anime. HELP ME.

I still haven't read Pochi doujins of Hotaru though I've read Ane Naru mono that era fgt kept his avatar for a long time.