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Iizbakaokay May 27, 7:36 AM
soon I'll learn this OP for teh lulz.
nam_kun May 26, 7:03 PM
I see, just read the update post on MAL, they will be providing an updated API so I guess that'll be fine.

Wew, Madokami is indeed down, they recently updated their servers so I don't think that's the issue, maybe they are updating their privacy policy as well.
Madokami's community is based more in IRCs and 4chan, so we will have to venture in those lands to know about the issue, I really hope its not shutting down though, life will get really hard for me.

Edit: Nvm its back.
Lethal_Potato05 May 26, 4:43 PM
Hallo hallo how are u ~

Since you read Lesbian report and seemed to sort of like it, I thought i might as well suggest you This
Its a whole new way of looking at this topic since in terms of furthering a relationship to the family stage while living in a semi-anti-same sex marriage society.

Also ya how are you xD?
Frostbytes May 26, 12:27 PM
Existential crisis eh, looks like you need to watch haibane again :>

Oh wew, hope you pick it up again.
Iizbakaokay May 26, 11:37 AM
Iizbakaokay May 26, 5:06 AM
well study msc in renewable energy probably. He is okay with being a teacher, idk his life I don't care.
nam_kun May 26, 2:47 AM
Yep, was really hoping to get some closure on few characters, for instance I really didn't like how they dealt with misora, but again yeah in my opinion the ending was happy but not satisfying.
But yes, the message was conveyed properly without making it over dramatic or idk it didn't feel forced.
Anyway good luck in your endeavours with battosai.

Edit: Were you able to fix the login issue in tachiyomi?
nam_kun May 26, 1:24 AM
Well, I was talking about shimanami tasogare.
Ending really left a lot of loose ends for me, the magazine shut down right?
nam_kun May 25, 9:25 PM
I see, guess I won't be reading Genshiken anytime soon now.

BTW you hate to see such a good manga end like that don't you?
nam_kun May 24, 9:53 PM
Thoughts on Genshiken?
Iizbakaokay May 24, 2:14 AM
yeah, my cousin completed bsc in physics from some college in gujarat and he doesn't want to pursue physics anymore XD He wants to get in renewable or some easy field.
Iizbakaokay May 24, 1:57 AM
wait so only B.Sc in mathematics? that's it? What kind of job only people get? Don't tell me you're going to be a teacher?
Frostbytes May 22, 8:44 AM
ooh bb bby time to read VNs since everything is over isn't it :>
nam_kun May 22, 7:49 AM
Wow, that indeed is worrying.

So what plans do you have for the future?

Also, why did you stop watching seasonals again?
Iizbakaokay May 22, 6:56 AM
Are you gonna study more? Aren't you done with your degree?