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Uchuu Kyoudai
Uchuu Kyoudai
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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
4 hours ago
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B-gata H-kei
B-gata H-kei
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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
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EastAsianLover 10 hours ago
Hai, thank you BB San :D :D :D :D
Frostbytes Feb 19, 12:31 PM
How is web novel progress going
Xavier-Schiller Feb 19, 5:51 AM
Quit the internet, my friend.
Xavier-Schiller Feb 18, 9:45 PM
>Says will disconnect from internet after a date
>Doesn't disconnect from the internet after the aforementioned date.
Iizbakaokay Feb 18, 4:09 AM
Send me one and dobby shall be yours forever.
Loveop Feb 17, 10:52 PM

Lol..i see!! Well I am back on another Sunday to give you a reply..XD
Btw if I may ask..what keeps you busy on Sundays?? I mean you're saying it was your worst weekend and all!!

Haha..there is no embarrassment or anything as such..its just I start losing interest when I am following it on an ongoing I was following this one..but kinda failed to keep up with the monthly updates cuz I liked it better when I read it at my I have not read it for a while!! Similar situation kinda happened with my favorite shoujo-ai series "Tamen de Gushi" as is a Manhua..but as Mal does not allow to keep track of it..I have forgotten what the last update was!! That is the reason why I did not pick up Citrus and Girlfriends when I was binging through Shoujo-ai series..maybe I will get back to the mood eventually..but before that I need to catch up to the series I have already picked up..XD

I do have fond memories..though I think I only watched DBZ and One piece when I was a kid..back then obviously I did not know that this stuff was anime!! Though I actually got into watching anime pretty late..when I was 17 or something..that was with Naruto!! Wbu??

Coming of age done right can be one of the best reads out would be great if you have any recommendation..:>

I did say Tomo doesnt have development..but I never said it you should not pick it up!! It is a pretty entertaining read and as the author has previously drawn hentai..the art for the girls and characters are pretty good..sure there might not be that much romantic development till now..but when you read it as a daily is quite a fun read!!

Horimiya has really turned into a money grab..well it is at this point that it has reached that "milking territory"..which is sad..cuz I liked this manga a lot..hell I had it at a 10 a few months back..but the Sol chapters with the recent updates not only lacks development but is also not that much of a fun read..I can understand that the author is now mainly drawing the Sol chapters that came after the end of the webtoon..but in this is only counterproductive!! I hope we can get back to track soon!!
Iizbakaokay Feb 13, 12:17 PM
Never been there tbh. Happy valentines day btw.
Loveop Feb 11, 3:17 AM

Thanks man and lol good luck with dealing with your perpetually busy Sundays..XD

Well everyone has a embarrassing past that is saved somewhere on the internet that everyone would like to erase or those FB posts or some other things that one might have made when one was new to it..XD..the similar case applies here and it is quite understandable!
Ahh..i see!! I read quite some titles..but it is better to read the shoujo ai titles once it completes rather than reading it on a ongoing basis..or that is what i felt at least!!

Ahh..I have heard a lot that DBS gets off to a rather sub-par start but then picks up a little later!! I dont have a good history with watching ongoing shounens so I generally tend to avoid no DBS for me in the near future..:s
You should check out is what every anime viewer needs in ones watched list..:P

Haha..fuck the haters..the best girl won hands down imo and those who thought otherwise had it coming..I mean it was pretty obvious who was gonna win from the very start!!
Completely agree!! It was ridiculous at times and sometimes had some really WTF moments..but it is one of my favorite coming of age stories and one my personal favorite manga of all of the reasons why I bought the manga volumes along with Solanin..I truly love this manga lot and love the conclusion it had as well!!
Ahh..i see!! Thanks for that info..:>

Ohh..well..I will give it a try sometime..dont have the motivation now cuz I have a lot of backlog..XD..but will do that for sure eventually..:>
I liked that movie a lot..i was already quite hyped for it cuz of the way they advertised it and after watching it I was glad it was a good watch..carrying to many expectations can sometimes be counter productive which thankfully did not happen in this case!! Wbu??

Yeh..the manga has presumably hit the climax I the anime makers have quite some time to give it a proper end and it is true to say that they thankfully dont bore us with unnecessary fillers as most long running shounens do!!

>Regarding Tomo-chan, don't you feel it's actually not progressing a bit?
Lmao..Tomo has not been progressing since time unknown..I am sure their relationship will be like the misunderstanding mess it is for the foreseeable future as well!! Though the flashback arc before the current Arc was something I liked a lot after it was getting kinda pale in between..though it is kinda back to square one for now!! This is most probably one of those manga that might have some progress only at the very end or maybe when the complains of lack of progress literally forces the author to make some progress..but for now we can be sure that there will only be slight hints and innuendos but no serious progress in a while!!

>Mousou~ actually is progressing a little from what I've heard in the r/manga discussions. Is this actually a good time to pick this up?
Ahh..yes!! Unlike Tomo..Mousou is quite progressive in terms of the developments..I remember the last time you asked me and I had told you not to pick it up cuz the arc that ongoing then was super boring and dragged!! But that arc is long gone and there was great arc in between and the current arc is progressing quite well too!! Surely it has not reached the point where they are going out or something..but we are moving towards there steadily which is great for a daily 4-koma!! Maybe the best time to pick it up!!

Also if you want actual progress in a 4-koma manga..go read "Chihaya sans fine that way"!! That one has made more progress in 64 chapters than any other romance manga does in 200+ chapters..though it has a slow start it really picks up post the 12th chapter!!
Iizbakaokay Feb 11, 12:59 AM
Just reach howrah and I'll come to pick you up.
Frostbytes Feb 10, 11:38 AM
Oh nice, things will slowly get interesting now as the world is set up and Zorian starts developing. Arc 1 ending is fantastic too, look forward to it.

I see.
Iizbakaokay Feb 10, 11:14 AM
Mhmm those are some nice fingers. Ohh. I see, final year. Great, get paid soon. Give me some monies too :3
Iizbakaokay Feb 10, 8:05 AM
You still have to make projects? lulz, school boi. oh well college is meh as usual for me.
Frostbytes Feb 10, 3:23 AM
Yeah that's why I think it's better to binge. Especially when things get intense later on you need to remember the plotpoints. How many chapters have you read anyway(if you did)?

First 3-4 episodes didn't really impress me with the mood shifts but once the viewer got to know more about the mc from ep 5, things are looking interesting. Still too early to say anything. Yeah I have rakugo planned, not sure when though.
Loveop Feb 10, 2:40 AM

Sorry for the extreme delay in getting this reply through..the day after you posted this message I got a call from a place I interviewed and I was selected and had to start got very busy since then and as I am generally inactive here on weekdays (in terms of replying to comments) when I start a job like I was previously..this message got delayed even further..:s
Well I will try my best to stay active as much as I can though..XD

That is the best tag you can get online..wise old man that is..everybody likes a wise old man..XD
Haha..I agree though..Shoujo-ai is always my go to genre whenever I am bored..though the interest has waned over a there any favorite shouji-ai series for you??

Oh Dragon Ball as long it has got you back to watching gets all the respect out there!! Well people have got back to watching anime with a lot of weird anime as well!! Like my friend got back to it after watching SOA and that was the very anime which was the last nail in the coffin which effectively put a end to my anime watching previously..XD

>Don't tell me the name of the manga was Nisekoi.
Wise Old Man are right on target with that one!! As i mentioned previously..people might get addicted to watching/reading cuz of series that can seem a little out of place!! Nisekoi was the series which paved my path towards reading manga i have to admit..though initially I was only reading harem manga post Nisekoi..after a while I divulged into reading other series as well after reading works like Aku no Hana and Oyasumi Punpun!! Nisekoi has that 8/10 ratings for that very reason apart from the fact that I loved people bickering over their respective ships while I at the popcorn reading their comments over it..XD (Though Ichigo 100% is still my favorite in terms of Harem..which I read post Nisekoi..yeh I have a separate harem rating system for anime/manga..:P)
Hmm..i see!! Is that Embalmer binge worthy though?? I would give that a try after Billy Bat if it were the case!!

Ahh..well Mushishi and Natsume have a lot of re watching quality..I have still kept all the season in my hdd for that very reason..the atmosphere is still great and still immerses me as it did previously and as you say it truly mesmerizes me terms of the feel and ambience Mushishi does hold a upperhand though!! Oh Garden of surely should rewatch it..if an anime movie has surprised me a lot..more than I would have expected..then it has to be this one..I mean I really was not expecting it to be as good as it was and it was a pleasant surprise indeed!! I myself consider this one as Shinkai Makoto's best work to date!!

>I can handle the criticism of parents either
Sadly true..:s

>Can't get tangled in between an ugly waifu war
Really?? I love this..not cuz I love participating in the waifu war in itself..but cuz as I mentioned in case of Nisekoi..i love seeing people defend their ships as if their life depended on it..XD

You will..once you start earning you can get as many bookshelf's you want..:P

I am giving some banking exams myself this for both of our sake..I hope it turns out well..:3

Ohh sorry..I was talking about 21 Cloverfield lane *tehee*
I have not watched this one though..the rating seems quite low there..but well..I rarely rely on them online ratings for how interesting was this one??

It does take a lot of time as you mentioned..XD..I would rather reply late than giving some loose replies which feels like I did not read the message at all and just replying out of obligation..XD

Ps: I heard it will run for 2 cours..possibly 24-25 episodes in total!!
LipstickOnMyDick Feb 9, 11:21 PM
What kind of music you like?

Personally my musical tastes are quite eclectic/broad-based. I listen to over 2000 albums ranging from ambient to zolo. 'n' I'm proud of it.

My genres of this month: cheeky prog, insane noise, $1 bin country/folk LP's, hard blues, mega minimal pop, smart people jazz, pretentious 78's, "grind", folkways academia.