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Haikyuu!! Second Season
Haikyuu!! Second Season
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One Piece
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Aug 20, 4:50 AM
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Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai
Aug 1, 6:36 PM
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Yorozuya-no-Yume Aug 9, 10:07 AM
Sorry for replying late on here Billy-chin >_< Hehe yeah exactly (: Yeah you're right, things are slightly getting better which is good ^^ Hmm I'm not sure, she isn't either actually, but it seems to me that college really stresses her out. Like she finished with all exams in June and the third year will start in October, but that's gonna be the hardest year in college which really concerns her for some reason. Ya know she just really wants to have the highest grades. Haha yeah exactly, hope I'll be able to move to the USA soon, I'd really like that ya know >.< Btw how much did it cost you when you came to Paris? Like the trip overall, ya know the plane ticket and stuff :P Some old ones on GBA :P Hearthstone is a card game, kinda similar to Yu-Gi-Oh and it's made by the same people who made WoW, Overwatch... Yeah exactly :) Idk probably because she heard only bad things about it, ya know some kids died and stuff -.- Hmm yeah you're absolutely right about that. Thanks I will c: Aww thanks a lot! I'd honestly really love that >_> Aww sweet, what is his name? :3 Yeah I actually had fun, gonna show ya when I get the pictures :P
MEanimaniac1 Aug 6, 10:33 PM
I did and it was nice since I had the $500 so basically it enabled me to get my current mobile. Tight stuff :p Idk my mechanic said a bunch of technical things (my dad is my mechanic ahah), but it's best to sell it and move on before everything goes to crap. Nah I feel like the act itself is still the worst part, the justification hurts but to me the former is much more painful to think about. Yes it's wonderful, and we're there for each other when adverse circumstances arise. Like when I got in my car accident he picked my brother and I up and took us home, and then he sat with me while I cried about it like a stupid kid. Oh for sure, but actually I'll just save it and trade it in for cash off my next phone.

Indeed it is. No I have nothing to vent about right now, my life is pretty great right now. Anything you need to vent about? Uh life is pretty boring actually; all I do is work, hang out with my boyfriend and go to amusement parks. I know, it's just, at that point why don't I just drink juice? It's healthier anyway.
MEanimaniac1 Aug 1, 12:15 PM
Well my car wasn't totaled but I sold it to some guy for parts for $200 so it was pretty rough. Yeah it's not a priority for me, I'd rather spend my money on clothes and stuff that makes me more confident. Though my car was looked at recently and I'm gonna be needing a new one within the next year sadly. I like hearing people's stories and stuff it's just so interesting. I know, I think cheating is disgusting so I'd never do that but other things can still go wrong. It's also naive in a way, but we have gotten upset with each other...just never enough for it to last more than like 10 minutes. It's typically over something dumb like a game. Maybe. I might have to microwave it first to see if it'll survive that before finding a volcano.

Venting is great for you. Alcohol smells awful so I can't even begin to imagine the taste, I'd rather just drink juice or something that doesn't burn my esophagus.
MEanimaniac1 Jul 27, 11:34 PM
Yeah just some auto damage but that's better than most anything I could imagine. Exactly, I think showing off cars is so juvenile. Functionality is the most important part. I like hearing other perspectives, it makes me view things from ways that I might not want to but that I have to. I know, mistakes are natural and he's very forgiving so I'm sure we'll get through it. Fights are natural, and when one arises then we'll deal with it. It's nearly indestructible, I've concluded.

Talking with random strangers is very fun, especially when it's in a foreign country and you'll most likely not see them again. It's easy to be honest. Your past with living in Colombia. I've never been drunk but any time I hear about it from friends it sounds awful .
MEanimaniac1 Jul 26, 10:02 AM
They hit the passenger side, so it wouldn't have been me to die. My take on it is that I'm not at the point in my life where I need a super fancy car to show off. Agreed. Thank you, and I wouldn't be upset because I'm not stupid so I listen to reasoning. Oh I know that, we just always seem to agree on things in the first place. Like we don't have everything in common but we think a lot alike and it's pretty cool to have that. It's been 7 months now and we haven't fought or argued yet because we have no reason to, he's not the type to fight over dumb things. Thank you. I've had my phone for 3 years ahaha. I'm gonna buy a new one on black Friday.

Me too! I love change. Yeah it's cool to kind of detach yourself for a second and just observe those around you, it can help you grow as a person just by listening to their story and applying the lesson to yourself. Interesting, well much luck with all of those endeavors. Alcohol is bad.
Yorozuya-no-Yume Jul 22, 6:32 AM
Hehe yeah, you're very welcome Billy-chin :D Oh yeah that's definitely good o: Thank you, I'm sure it will, everything takes some time, right? ^^ Hmm yeah I'm trying, but it seems I can't do much, I really think she should talk to a psychologist or someone. Hehe yeah that sounds fun xD Hmm idk really but I've been playing some Final Fantasy games and Hearthstone too, but I'm sure I'll play more than just that lol I also wanna install Pokemon Go, that game seems fun, though my mom really hates it :P Haha yeah, thanks I'm trying to, but it's scary because it feels that time goes by really fast :c Hmm I see, but that's a little depressing, for some reason I can't wait to find a job and earn some money, but I'll probably regret when that happens xD Hmm thank you for the informations, I'll have to see with my parents :) Hehe yeah I know. Awww congrats! I bet that's really exciting :D She already has a child, is it a girl or a boy? o: Sorry I forgot >_< But actually next weekend I'm gonna go to a christening of my cousin's son. Ya know the baby's grandpa is my dad's brother. So I'm a little excited c:
Yorozuya-no-Yume Jul 20, 1:00 PM
Hmm yeah, right >_< Oh well hope you will find a better job soon, though it's good because you already work :) Hmm well my parents have been fighting a lot because we have financial problems and my sister also has problems with anxiety for already 2 months and idk how to help them >_> Hmm idk, I don't really have any plans, I just wanna rest, sleep, play games and watch things :D Hehe yeah, well I kinda am, though thinking about college doesn't make me happy, I mean I'm scared I'll get even busier :/ Oh yeah! I'd honestly love to go to college there, but idk if that's possible right now, because of financial issues that my family currently has. But I really hope I'll be able to study abroad, I'd love that. But I'm gonna stay positive c: Oh that's great! I'm really glad ^^ Who is pregnant? o:
MEanimaniac1 Jul 19, 10:34 PM
It was a stroke of luck, and good reflexes. Yeah I'm 17 and I agree with that statement, I don't need a super nice car, I just need something that's safe and has working parts. Hopefully they learn from their mistake, if not then I hope that eventually they have their license revoked so they don't destroy anyone else's property or potential life. Well you said that there are a lot of things that you could say so you could go for it. I am very careful, I know he loves me back. He's been my friend for a long time so I know him very well just from hanging out with him and talking to him before we were even thinking about each other as more than friends. Hopefully I rub off on someone and make them ask other people how they're doing because that'd be nice. A lot, most notably a wild Cloyster that's cp 858. Are you playing that game at all?

Probably for the better, so many people are afraid of change but it's mostly good I find. Seeing new things and interacting with different types of people can open you to all kinds of new perspectives that you couldn't have even imagined. That's a good plan, and definitely don't drink the water, or so I'm told, idc if that's a myth. Good plan about Brazil, because that country is apparently very dangerous for a number of reasons. Don't say that. Sometimes you have to fall for the wrong person a few times before you end up with your right person.
Yorozuya-no-Yume Jul 18, 10:06 AM
Aww yeah though I think you didn't log in in a while then when I wanted to message you :P Oh awesome, where do you work again? :o Hehe yeah like before c: Hmm I've been good, having some issues, but it's overall good, just enjoying my summer break :D Alright, I'll graduate next year in May actually, then I gotta go to college though I have no idea what I wanna study :P They are fine, a little stressed out though :P Haha ikr xD How is your family doing btw? o:
MEanimaniac1 Jul 15, 10:39 PM
Glad to hear. They weren't hurt at all, but if I didn't hit the brakes when I did then my brother would probably be dead or seriously injured. I got a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am, which isn't the nicest car ever but hey it was only $700 and it runs perfect so I truly can't complain. Yeah they got a ticket for a couple hundred dollars. I mean go ahead and rip on me, idc. It's super nice, I can tell when I make someone's day a little bit better just by interacting with them in a positive way instead of just ignoring them. It's nice. Oh of course!

That's amazing to hear. Do you miss Europe at all? Saving money is satisfying, I love seeing the numbers just continue to go up. What countries would you visit in South America when you do go? Brazil is beautiful I hear but also very VERY dangerous in some areas. It's out there and takes time but it's the best feeling in the world.
Yorozuya-no-Yume Jul 15, 3:22 PM
Hey Billy-chin! I've missed ya >_> Actually I was thinking to message you the other day. How have you been? What's new with you? :o We haven't talked in ages xP
MEanimaniac1 Jul 12, 12:16 AM
Hi Hello.
Well if you want a short answer then I'll say this: I got a new car, fallen in love, become a better person and decided what I want to do with life.
If you're interested in details then: Someone wrecked into my old car at 50 miles an hour because they ran a stop sign when I didn't even have one (cross traffic doesn't stop scenario). I then had to save up money for a new car, but my car is much nicer than my old one so that was a blessing in disguise. A very good friend of mine snuck into my heart and I'm ever so much in love with him and lucky enough to call him mine. We've been together for over six months and it's been nothing but happiness. He buys me roses and means the world to me and I don't even care if I'm being naive because I'm finally happy with life. He makes me a better person, in the way where I'm much nicer to others and want to be around people more. I care a lot more about random people now which actually makes me happy. And I'm addicted to Pokemon Go like everyone else in the world.

How about yourself?
Shinino May 8, 10:31 AM

3miL Sep 29, 2015 5:05 PM
that's just being irresponsible

and what did u see/experience?
3miL Sep 27, 2015 9:58 PM
some life stuff I can't run away from atm

what did u do there?