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MEanimaniac1 Sep 26, 6:05 PM
Always, I have to try to not be so pessimistic. Me as well, because I have to pay for college soon. I'll most likely stay a specialist nurse, since I do plan on having children and such in life and being under the doctor's insurance is appealing (and 8 years of schooling is not). Oooo my friend worked as security for the NBA playoffs and he said it was the best job ever (got to stand around and do nothing and shake hands with some of the Cavaliers). Free wifi is fun. Fantastic actually, we haven't been together as much because of conflicting work schedules but everything is still oh so wonderful. He still has his disease but he's as good as ever. How is stuff going in your life?
Yorozuya-no-Yume Sep 25, 7:33 AM
Thanks for understanding ^^ Yeah and I've been still pretty exhausted from the trip lol It was good and I've visited so many beautiful and interesting places, tried Greek food that is really good. Of course there was some drama too but I wasn't involved so it didn't affect me :P So overall I enjoyed and I hope I'll be able to visit Greece again in the future, I'd like to visit Athena. I visited Paralia, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Kalambaka and Katerini :) Hmm yeah I'm trying idk. Hmm I see, yeah I guess you're right c: Oh that's good :o Btw which states in the USA have you visited? o: Really? That's cool (: Well yeah she did ask her friend, but idk my dad is kinda against asking people to help you find a job xP Oh wow! That's really nice. I have family all around the world and I've never met most of them which is sad ._. I'll ask when I come up with something else xD Yeah exactly, that's what matters I guess. Lol I see xD Actually something bad happened while I was in Greece... When I woke up my phone was hanging from a cupboard, that was next to my bed in the hotel, while charging and the screen was cracked and the touch didn't work :( So my dad's friend is gonna try to fix it, he said that it wasn't that serious but he isn't sure if he can find the new pieces he needs for it... That actually really upset me, so like I don't even know if I can show ya pictures I took there, though I took so many. Hehe yeah I went to the beach almost every day xD Aww thanks a lot, Billy-chin, I did :D
MEanimaniac1 Sep 12, 1:43 PM
It is unfortunate but at the same time it's a good thing because I'm making pretty good money and getting some certifications before graduation. Thank you, but this is only the beginning. I'm going to become and RN and continue my studies until I'm a nurse anesthetist, but I have to work as an RN before going back to med school for that so I have some stuff to prepare for. (But on the bright side I can make money while I'm in med school so life won't be so bad). Congrats! What kind of job is it and do you like it so far?
Yorozuya-no-Yume Sep 9, 9:57 AM
Sorry been busy with packing and stuff. Haha oh okay :P Lol really? xD I know but she kinda avoids everyone :/ Haha I dern sure will xD Oh alright, thanks a lot :D But like idk why are there plane tickets that cost about 1000 dollars and why are there some that are about 400 dollars. Like why such a difference. For example, my friend's friend is going to Japan in November and the flight will cost him about 400 euros while there are a lot more expensive plane tickets. Btw does it cost a lot when you travel from a state to another state in the USA? And do you usually travel? By plane or? :P Hmm well yeah but the thing is mom can't find one for herself D: Haha well idk do you have relatives somewhere in Europe except in France? :o Hmm I am glad to hear that. Yeah it is actually, I know that the same thing happened to my cousin's wife but now they have a 1 year old boy :) And actually the same happened to my mom before she had me. Hehe okay :P Hmm idk, I don't really take pics in bikini xP Also I heard it's rainy there and even some parts of the country are flooded :/ I'm actually leaving tomorrow, so I won't be able to come for about a week xP You're very welcome (: Thank you, I really hope I will ^^
MEanimaniac1 Sep 8, 6:00 PM
I've been excellent. School and work have me super busy. But I am graduating this year :D How about you?
Yorozuya-no-Yume Sep 5, 4:10 PM
Haha well idk I really hope so :) Awh but what if I missed someone's comment then :o Hmm idk she doesn't really feel like hanging out with anyone xP I can be really annoying when I'm too impatient >;o Hehe thanks a lot for the pictures, Billy-chin c: Are those cheaper flights safe enough though and like are those planes good, food etc? I mean do you know? o: Yeah hope so. Hmm well idk dad wouldn't like me to work for a small salary here :/ Hmm true but I won't be able to make more than 200-300 euros montly. Haha idk you tell me something interesting about yourself that I didn't know xD Ohh I'm really sorry to hear that... Is she alright? May I ask why that happened? Hmm well idk I am gonna visit a couple places, but I'll mostly visit the beach called Paralia ^^ Haha okay, I will Billy-chin xD I'm actually going this weekend and I'll be back next weekend :P
Yorozuya-no-Yume Sep 3, 8:38 AM
Hehe alright, Billy-chin xD Lol okay, will see xD Hmm idk really, I guess it's the hardest to help yourself and that's what she has to do. Haha well it's not that I don't do that :P Hmm I see, idk will try again. Yeah we could, though you can also take a screenshot and upload it on imgur or postimage or somewhere. Hmm idk, but my dad found some job and he said that it will take some time but he will earn a lot, so I hope I'll be able to travel more then and stuff. Haha yeah I guess you're right xD Okay I will :) Haha I see, well it's fun to learn new things (: Aww that's really sweet :3 Does she know if her second child will be a girl or a boy btw? o: Awh xP Btw I will be away from Sep 10 until Sep 18, I am going to Greece with my class ^^
Yorozuya-no-Yume Aug 31, 12:48 PM
Haha yeah that would be good :) Lol yeah you're right, though if I reply to you I have to reply to everyone since I might get lost >_< Haha well I told her before everything you did but it didn't really help :/ Haha yeah same xD You're right about that, hope she will be better soon :P Okay, good xD Yeah I feel ya, I really hate to wait as well. Hmm I checked out on there but the tickets were over 1000 dollars D: Can you show me a screenshot or something? It's not that I don't trust you, I'm just confused because I haven't seen a ticket that costs 473 dollars. Oh nice o: Thanks, well I will see what can I do, but ya know here if you find a part time job you will barely earn, salaries are really bad :/ Not all of them, like I haven't played yet the newest FF game but I really wanna >_> Hehe right :P Hmm gotta ask her, then I will let ya know, since I forgot the title. Oh I didn't know you were Colombian :o I'm really glad to hear that, that's great c: Haha no worries, I'm gonna show ya before the zombie apocalypse xD
MEanimaniac1 Aug 29, 7:03 PM
I'm gonna be honest, replying to all of that is just very taxing rn. So I'll start the convo anew. Hi.
Yorozuya-no-Yume Aug 29, 11:38 AM
Haha true xD Btw I'm going back to school on Thursday so I won't be that active on here again xP No problem, Billy-chin :D Aww thanks, that's good to know c: Haha she said that you were right and that she knew that too, but how it's really hard to stress yourself less lol Haha alright will do >:D Awh don't worry we will meet one day buddy :P Wow really? Where did you find that? :o Yeah I mean it's a lot for me right now, but it's not a lot compared how expensive some other plane tickets are. Hehe yeah I am excited! I love FF games :3 Haha yeah Yu-Gi-Oh is awesome too xD Umm I guess you're right about that :o Haha yeah I know, actually there is some manga that my sister is reading and the characters are Italian and I think the main character is Gianluca :) Is someone in your family Italian? :o Awh that's still not that bad I guess ^^ Lol yeah I know :P
Yorozuya-no-Yume Aug 28, 9:16 AM
Hey Billy-chin, no worries, I've been busy these days too :P It's fine, don't worry, I can completely understand that, respond when you can ^^ Hehe alright, thanks for understanding :P Thank you, same (: Hmm yeah you're absolutely right, Billy-chin, I've told her what you said btw :D Haha sounds like a good plan xD Hmm yeah, that's really cool :o I mean ya know I'm assuming the plane ticket from Serbia to the USA and vice versa would be around 1000 dollars which is quite a lot >_< Yeah there are some, of course they aren't as good as other and newer FF games, but they are worth playing :D Haha yeah, it's a pretty fun game :3 Yeah I know, but my mom is just too paranoid and overprotective -.- Okay will do c: Aww that's, do you often get to spend time with him? o: Haha yeah ^^
Yorozuya-no-Yume Aug 9, 10:07 AM
Sorry for replying late on here Billy-chin >_< Hehe yeah exactly (: Yeah you're right, things are slightly getting better which is good ^^ Hmm I'm not sure, she isn't either actually, but it seems to me that college really stresses her out. Like she finished with all exams in June and the third year will start in October, but that's gonna be the hardest year in college which really concerns her for some reason. Ya know she just really wants to have the highest grades. Haha yeah exactly, hope I'll be able to move to the USA soon, I'd really like that ya know >.< Btw how much did it cost you when you came to Paris? Like the trip overall, ya know the plane ticket and stuff :P Some old ones on GBA :P Hearthstone is a card game, kinda similar to Yu-Gi-Oh and it's made by the same people who made WoW, Overwatch... Yeah exactly :) Idk probably because she heard only bad things about it, ya know some kids died and stuff -.- Hmm yeah you're absolutely right about that. Thanks I will c: Aww thanks a lot! I'd honestly really love that >_> Aww sweet, what is his name? :3 Yeah I actually had fun, gonna show ya when I get the pictures :P
MEanimaniac1 Aug 6, 10:33 PM
I did and it was nice since I had the $500 so basically it enabled me to get my current mobile. Tight stuff :p Idk my mechanic said a bunch of technical things (my dad is my mechanic ahah), but it's best to sell it and move on before everything goes to crap. Nah I feel like the act itself is still the worst part, the justification hurts but to me the former is much more painful to think about. Yes it's wonderful, and we're there for each other when adverse circumstances arise. Like when I got in my car accident he picked my brother and I up and took us home, and then he sat with me while I cried about it like a stupid kid. Oh for sure, but actually I'll just save it and trade it in for cash off my next phone.

Indeed it is. No I have nothing to vent about right now, my life is pretty great right now. Anything you need to vent about? Uh life is pretty boring actually; all I do is work, hang out with my boyfriend and go to amusement parks. I know, it's just, at that point why don't I just drink juice? It's healthier anyway.
MEanimaniac1 Aug 1, 12:15 PM
Well my car wasn't totaled but I sold it to some guy for parts for $200 so it was pretty rough. Yeah it's not a priority for me, I'd rather spend my money on clothes and stuff that makes me more confident. Though my car was looked at recently and I'm gonna be needing a new one within the next year sadly. I like hearing people's stories and stuff it's just so interesting. I know, I think cheating is disgusting so I'd never do that but other things can still go wrong. It's also naive in a way, but we have gotten upset with each other...just never enough for it to last more than like 10 minutes. It's typically over something dumb like a game. Maybe. I might have to microwave it first to see if it'll survive that before finding a volcano.

Venting is great for you. Alcohol smells awful so I can't even begin to imagine the taste, I'd rather just drink juice or something that doesn't burn my esophagus.
MEanimaniac1 Jul 27, 11:34 PM
Yeah just some auto damage but that's better than most anything I could imagine. Exactly, I think showing off cars is so juvenile. Functionality is the most important part. I like hearing other perspectives, it makes me view things from ways that I might not want to but that I have to. I know, mistakes are natural and he's very forgiving so I'm sure we'll get through it. Fights are natural, and when one arises then we'll deal with it. It's nearly indestructible, I've concluded.

Talking with random strangers is very fun, especially when it's in a foreign country and you'll most likely not see them again. It's easy to be honest. Your past with living in Colombia. I've never been drunk but any time I hear about it from friends it sounds awful .